A large number of vintage models such as 66 and red ears of Levi's 501 have arrived.

Levi's (Levier) 501, which can be said to be the best masterpiece of American jeans. Against Earl Kamakura, Leviers of the 80's to 90s gathered.

Levi's 66 Vintage Kamakura

Levi's Dead Stock America

· Levi's 501,66 late dead stock model W36
This is a palm of Bakibaki with a paste still with a palm of 66, an inner tag 8%, the top button back, and a cell videl.
Because the size is also very good, it is an item you want to wear as your vintage jeans from this condition.

Reevice 505,66 First term single stitched ear
Only one piece, there is also a 505 single and a cell bozy type. This is W36 notation.

Reevice 50166 late USED goods
8% of the inner tag66 A few late models are available. There is no dark blue, but there is a relatively good condition. 66 models, especially those in recent years are very rising, and I think that it is a model that is often looking for.

Reevice 501Red Ear, Self Vidge Used Products
There are also 10% of the inner tag with the cell videl and the USED product of the red ear period. There is also a relatively dark one. We have a black cannucle and a final red ear period of 86 years.

Reevice 50190S dead stock and other American
90S American and Mexico Dead stocks are available at the same size. This is the type of sidebreaker after red ear, but it is a bakibaki state with a flasher. Other American Indigo and Black Denim are also available.

Since there are many types of old clothes shops, I think that there are a lot of states, so if you are a customer in Kanagawa Prefecture, please try Vintage Lee Vice 501 at Kamakura. We collect only good things in the state.