Braggin Dragon (briggins dragon) is a brand new store

This time, I would like to take up the bracgin Dragon (briggin dragon) which is developed as an item in spring and summer.

One of the largest record stores of America's largest store store Roebuck (Sears robuck) was born in the early 1980s.

The logo of the dragon's iconic character blowing fire is placed on the chest, ranging from men's and women's shirts such as polo shirt and golf jacket to kids. Then, it is not made as a Sears roeback (Sears robuck), but it revived in the hand of 35 summers that has made many overseas names revive until now.

Bragg Dragon (briggin dragon) has developed a unique product to compete against the French lacoste at that time. Because Sears was doing a mass sale in the department store that everybody knew in the U. S. citizen, it was going to go Bragg gin (Bragg dragon) for a wide generation As the Sears gradually declined from the climax, the brand disappeared. Because of this, Bragg Dragon (briggin dragon) has become a brand of phantom.

At present, various product development is carried out on the axis of the polo shirt and the golf jacket as a brand name reimbursement. In addition, it has spread in collaboration with Anna Tomica of the French brand recently.

2010bragg Dragon Golf Jacket
2010spring brigin dragon tennis jacket