#04 UK TripII

I would like to write a continuation of "#03 UK Trip".After Christmas in London, I arrived at the Edinburgh International Airport by plane at the end of the year at the London Gatwick airport.


Edinburgh - > Manchester-Liverpool


Edinburgh (Edinburgh) is the capital of Scotland and is a popular tourist destination in medieval Europe, along with stone-building buildings.The beautiful streets are registered as World Heritage sites.

The atmosphere is different from that of London, and it is a mysterious and mysterious atmosphere.A compact city can walk around a sightseeing spot.


On the streets of Edinburgh, they are often seen in traditional ethnically-costumed quilts and men who play bug bipes often.

In 1594, the oldest recorded history of the Scottish national costume is in the quilt.Originally a large piece of cloth wrapped around the waist, and fasten with a pin or rope belt, it was a men' s costume for the Scottish Highland region (northern Scotland).
It is common to wear a skirt sewn on the whole of Scotland, which is worn by people in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle, Edhinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a historic stronghold in the 6th century where Celtic had built a fort. It was built by Malcolm III in the eleventh century, and became the capital of Scotland in the 15th century. In 1707, he served as a fortress and a king's dwelt for about 300 years until it was consolidated into England.Since Edinburgh stands on the rocky mountain of Castle Rock, you can see it here and there in Edinburgh's walk.

Edinburgh Castle

The oldest building in the broad Edinburgh Castle is the St. Margaret Chapel.It was built in 1110 and has been used as a private chapel for the royal family.In addition, many cannons, such as "Mons Meg", are on display in the castle, and they can feel the traces of the fortress.And you can see the stone of the sword and destiny that the king of Scotland used.

The Royal Mile

Edinburgh Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is the main street in Edinburgh.It is a gentle slope that extends from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holiarud.There are many brick buildings on both sides of the road, as well as a number of shops, including whiskey shops and quilts and kashmian shops, and pubs.

The National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

The Scottish Archaeological Society was founded in 1780 by the Scottish National Museum.The current building was built in 1998 and is said to have about 20,000 pieces of storage.You can learn about Scotland's history, ethnicity, culture, and so on.

The exhibition on sheep Dolly, the world's first mammalian body cell, is drawing attention.

Scotland Dolly
The chess piece on Lewis Island in Scotland is estimated to have been made in the 12th century, and has been carved from the fangs of the walrus.It is also said that this chess piece is also used as a tool for the sowing of "The Hariopter and the Stone of the Ker".
Edinburgh Chess Koma
In Scotland and Highland, the weaving machines of the birthplace of Tartan were also on display.
Scottish dough
In Japan, it is a tattan which is familiar to the Tatan Check.It is said that there are several hundred textile fabrics that were weaved in combination with warp and weft.Most of the quilts, which are national costume, are made by Tatan.
Scotland also has an institution called "The Scotitsh Register of Tartans" for the purpose of preservation and protection and management of the tartan.
Incidentally, the handle of a tartan is divided into several categories depending on the purpose and purpose.
Tatan is the home of Clan Tatan/Scottish clan (Clan) and their families.It is often likable to be like a family crest in Japan.
[MacMillan Ancient]
-Tatan for Military Tatan/Army.
[Black Watch]
-Tatan for the Royal Taltan/Royal Family
[Stewart Royal]
Royal Stuart
It was created during the Victorian era, where the dress of dress and dress/dinner became widespread.The originally existing tartan's keynote is white or creamy.
[Dress Gorden]
Dress Gordon
district of the districtTartan in relation to the region.Originally, it is said that different patterns in different regions, such as the difference in the dyes from which they were taken, are now recognized as the District of Tartan.
[Edinburgh District]
District of the District
Hunting TatanThe shades of the original tartans, which are suitable for hunting, are often dark, such as green and blue, but it is rare for them to be used for hunting.
[Maclean Hanting]
Hunting Tartan
Other than this, Memorial Tartan, Fashion Tatan, Corporate Tatan and so on are also present.
It may be interesting to find out which taxonomy your tartan belongs to.


The National Gallery of Scotland

Scottish National Gallery

It was opened in 1859 by the museum's history museum.The sculptures and paintings related to Scotland are enriched.It has a wide range of collections, ranging from Raphael, Monet, Davinchi, Monet and Gogh.

Scottish National Gallery

Henry Rayburn: "Reverend Robert Walker" by Duddingston Loch "1795"


Vincente Van Gogh "OLIVE TREES" 1889

Mary King's Close

As for Edinburgh, the underground city is famous.
It began in the 1780s.People started to use the space under the bridge as a storage facility or a workshop.As the number of users increased, they gradually spread to the basement.
There was a pub for a period of time, but the basement made it very difficult to use moisture from the sloppy building.In this way, the people of the poor and the perpetrators came to live, and in many cases, more than 20,000 people lived there.

The underground cities of the upper and upper classes of people living on the ground flow underground, and underground cities that have become insanitary conditions have spread epidemic diseases such as plague.As a measure to improve it, it is said that they have made a horrible decision to keep the people living underground.

The ruins of underground cities, buried in history, were discovered in the 1980s.As you apply to the tour, you can learn about the history of it by following the city that developed underground.From a realistic display, it is easy to imagine the severity of the underground city's life.It is also said that the people of the lower class who had been stunned by the middle and upper class people still have a history of having performed a curse ritual in black magic.

There are a lot of ghost stories in Edinburgh.Do you think there is a history of past and underground cities that have been attacked by war fires?Ghost tours are also often held.

Scott Monument (Scott Monument)

Scott Memorial Tower

It is a memorial to Sir Walter Scott, the poet and writer who represents Edinburgh.It was built in 1844 and is one of the largest monuments in the world.A tower with a height of 61m can climb up to the top with a spiral staircase of about 300 steps.

Edinburgh's New Year, "Hogmanay" ("Hogmanay")

Edinburgh Countdown

Edinburgh's New Year's Eve is great.An event called "Hogmani" will be held, and a number of tourists visit each year to see it.
"Hogumanie" means "New Year's Eve" in Scotland, and refers to the festival through January 1 through New Year's Eve.

During the festival atmosphere where Christmas markets and mobile amusement parks are installed, New Year's Eve events will take place throughout the entire city for three days from December 30.
The first event is the torch matrix. Thousands of torch-carrying people parade through the old town, and the city shines fantastically. And concerts are held on outdoor stages set up all over the city. The city is in a club state, and liquor bottles are rolling all over the place. The concert has a variety of genres, including traditional Celtic music, classical music, rock and jazz.

When the countdown ends and the New Year begins, a huge fireworks will be launched. The fireworks raised from Edinburgh Castle were very fantastic and beautiful. When the fireworks are over, there is a large chorus of "Firefly Light". The light of the firefly is thought to be a Japanese nursery rhyme, and it seems to be a Scottish folk song called "Old Lang Sign".

 Edinburgh's New Year

On New Year's Day of the next day, there is an event where you can dress up and parade around the city, and finally jump into the extremely cold Face River.

A few days after the New Year's, I boarded an express train from Edinburgh and moved to Manchester.


Home to Manchester United and Manchester City in the Football Premier League, it's an irresistible city for football fans.

In addition, guitar culture is born from the rainy climate, and many musicians are discharged.

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester City Hall

Manchester Town Hall, a representative of neo-Gothic architecture built during the Victorian era, was also used as a set for the films Charlotte Holmes, Margaret Thatcher: Tears of the Iron Lady and Frankenstein.

■John Rylands Library

Manchester Library

Known as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the John Rylands Library was groundbreaked in 1890 and opened to the public in 1900. As a library, it is small, but it is so beautiful that you think it is a church.


I went to Liverpool on a day trip from Manchester. Liverpool is a World Heritage-listed port city.

■Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

There are many cathedrals in the UK, but this Liverpool Cathedral is one of the largest. Construction began in 1904, and it was completed 74 years later in 1978, and it can be seen from its years that it is a magnificent building. The pipe organ and bells installed are said to be the largest in Japan.

Liverpool Cathedral

■Mathew Street

Matthew Street is home to the Cavern Club, famously played by the Beatles before its debut, as well as pubs.

■Cavern Club

Cabburn Club

The Cavern Club, which opened inside Matthew Street as a jazz bar in 1957, is famous for its pre-debut Beatles performances. On weekends, beatles tribute bands are playing and it's exciting.

 ■Pier Head

Liverpool Beatles

Pier Head is one of liverpool's quays and is a World Heritage Site. At Pier Head, there is a bronze statue made from photographs taken here by the Beatles. It is said that the Cavern Club donated it to the city in 2015. It's pretty big.

■Albert Dock

Albert Dock

Albert Dock is the world's first non-flammable warehouse system built in 1846.

The dock was built for ship restoration, handling, and cargo handling work, and in 1848, the world's first cargo lifter using water pressure was installed. However, from the 1920s, commercial ships decreased sharply from the expansion of railways and roads, and were only used mainly as warehouses.
After the war, it declined more and more, but capital investment from 1980 revived it to the entertainment capital of Liverpool.

■The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story at Albert Dock. Liverpool is famous as the home of THE BEATLES. The Beatles Story tells an easy-to-understand exhibition of the beatles' formation and the secret stories. It is said that goods are also popular with fans.

Liverpool also offers a magical mystery tour. Beatles fans shouldn't go around the Beatles' homes, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and more.

■Tate Liverpool

Tetriva Poole

Tate Liverpool has a selection of modern and contemporary art at Albert Dock. It is part of the National Gallery Network "Tate" along with Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London.

■Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum

At the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Albert Dock,It is exhibited in three parts: the history of the shipping industry, slave trade, and customs.

The National Customs Museum introduces the accident that occurred after the Titanic sailed out of The United Kingdom. You can see rare video footage and photos of passengers at the on-site.
At the International Museum of Slavery, you're learn about the history of the infamous slave trade and the African culture that was enslaved at the time.


By this point your UK trip is over and you're flying from Manchester to Portugal. I would like to write again.