1963CHINO and FATIGUEPANTS, the addictive YANKSHIRE military bread.

In recent military booms, there are more opportunities to coordinate military bread as everyday clothes, and some people have a number of vintage military bread.

If you want to buy military pants in the future, you will always find it in domestic and overseas brands, manufacturers, and select shops, so it is not a problem to choose, but I think it is difficult to compare it.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the military pants of "YANKSHIRE", which is definitely recommended by Earl Kamakura if you buy these two. If you read this article, you will be convinced that not only the goodness of the thing is made and selling a military item under the Yankshire brand.

〇 YANKSHIRE (Yankshire) and Big Yank (Big Yank) brand.

What is yankshire?

Reliance (Reliance) was a brand named by the founder since the end of the 1800s, and BIG YANK (Big Yank) appeared in the 1900s in the 1900s, expanding it as a unique details workwear. I went. The quality is recognized,Reliance produced Military Municipal Military items during the World War. With the military thing of the 40sI have also confirmed some of the vintages for the factory name of the reliance.

After that, relational will diversify the brand and expand the brand based on his specialty workwear. The Yankshire (Yankshire) was born here, and this label produced outerwear and pants that can be adjusted to Bigyank.

Even now, from the background of manufacturing munitionsThe story that would have made such a military item if there was a reliance, YANKSHIREThe brand has released military and work -based items.

There are two model numbers that are mainly deployed in the spring / summer of 2021, chinopan type (2 color development) and fathigi pants type. Both are committed from the fabric and are released as Made in Japan.


YANKSHIRE M1963 CHINOClick here for the product page

First is chinos. M1963 CHINO is based on Chino Pants, which was paid to the US military in 1963. There is plenty of rise in the rise and width of the rise, and it is a relaxed silhouette, but it takes a little tapered, so you can wear it elegantly with a little slimming. It is also comfortable to be a zipper fly.

The fabric is a US fabric ordered from the United States. It is a glossy and tough twill material reminiscent of the US military Chino. The thickness of the fabric is moderate, and it is 100 % cotton, so you can use it all year round.

The finish from sewing is done in Okayama, Japan, which is also a jeans mecca, so the quality is also origami.



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This is a navy color of the same type. This color is also basic and easy to use.

〇 YANKSHire FATIGUE PANTS 1960's Sateen


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This is a popular pants that has been popular in recent years. FATIGUE PANTS is one of the 60 -year U.S. militaryfatigi pants. This detail is also called baker pants. This is also the same as the M1963 rise, the depth of the rise, the width of the watari, and it is a relaxed silhouette, but it is a little tapered, so you can wear it very beautifully. This is a classic button fly type.

The fabric is an olive satin material that was actually used by the US military. Use dead stock fabric from the 60's. It is very difficult to obtain the US military fabric, but such a authentic fabric has a solid thickness and tough, but also has a high -quality atmosphere due to the glossy satin. If you wear it several times in your personal belongings, the fabric is fluffy gradually due to aging, and it grows in a very nice military pants.

As well as M1963, sewing is performed in Okayama in Japan, so it is a maid -in Japan.

YANKSHIRE Fatigo Pants

YANKSHIRE Military Pants

Fatigo Pants Yankshire

〇There are two of these clothes and coordinates.

M1963CHINO and FATIGUE PANTS introduced. If you hold this beige khaki color and two olives, you will be able to enjoy coordination regardless of any item. In addition, you can use it all year round, so it is sure to be active.

Please consider it when the size is available.

〇 Earl Kamakura is a select shop in Kamakura.

Earl Kamakura is a select shop that handles Anatomica, Rocky Mountain Feather Bed, Big Yank, Alden, etc. The brand is the most common in Kanagawa Prefecture, not only from the Shonan area, but also from Yokohama and Tokyo. There are many vintage products, so please drop in while sightseeing.

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