Alden(オールデン)- アール鎌倉 神奈川

Handling of ALDEN (Alden) starts with Art Kamakura.

Alden, the highest brand of American leather shoes, begins. The model number of the start is Michigan Boot (Mishigan boots), which is familiar in the R.

This time, I will introduce what kind of brand is ALDEN, the last and leather features of Michigan Boot.

〇 What is allden?

ALDEN (Alden) Dealer Earl Kamakura

Alden was founded by Charles H. At that time, there were not many existing people as an allden brand, and custom -made boots and dress shoes were made to order.

When the founder Alden retired in 1931, he continued to run the clan until the current fourth generation by the Turrow family who succeeded it. In 1970, we set up a factory in the founding area of ​​Middle Bowl, and we still produce it.

While continuing to make traditional Goodyear Welt leather shoes, he developed medical orthodontic shoes for those who have problems with his feet, which triggered the familiar modified lust in Anatomica.Alden's comfort was created by medical orthodontic shoes and conventional custom -made technical skills.

〇What is a modifier drast?

Modifile -Last has been born from the aforementioned shoe making in the medical orthodontic shoe. The purpose of improving the problems of O -legs and X -legs, and other feet, and adopts a unique correction support technology called foot balance. It has a stress -free structure with a spacious fingertip while holding the arch and heels firmly.

In the field of fashion, Modifile Last has long been deployed in Paris in Anatomica, and due to this effect, it has become more popular in the Japanese fashion market.

〇Alden has various last.

Speaking of Alden, not only modifillates, but also rounded and versatile Barry lasts used in 990 Plante, which are familiar in Japan, van Last used for penny loafers, Aber durns with a dressy atmosphere, etc. There are leather shoes with the last that you can choose according to.

〇 Features of Mishigan boots

ALDEN Mishigan Boots -Earl Kamakura

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Mishigan boots are models that were launched in 2015, and have appeared as the first new model in 40 years since Inden as ALDEN. The feature is that it uses a soft cowhide that has been fully familiar with Horwin's UTICA (Utica) oil, and the sole is a double leather specification of the water lock sole, so you can wear it on a rainy day. It is a popular model as Alden. I hope you can actually touch it, but the upper part is so familiar that the oil is so familiar that it is soft and moist, so you can wear it without worrying about some rain. In addition, as the name of the water rock sole, the oil is soaked in plenty of oil, so it can be worn on rainy days.

〇 How to clean Mishigan boots

Because it is very tough, it is a model that can be worn without worrying about the weather among Alden's leather shoes, but if you wear it after a rainy day, you can use it for a long time. First of all, please use this because you have to wipe off the water drops with a dry cloth and use a shoe tree to prevent moisture.

Alden genuine shoe trees are not usually prepared, but if you wish, you can order.

〇Al Kamakura can only buy alden in the Kamakura area.

ALDEN (Alden) Dealer -Earl Kamakura

It will be the only regular dealer in the Kamakura area, and the stores that handle are limited in Kanagawa Prefecture, so if you are looking for in the Kamakura or Shonan area, please contact Earl Kamakura.

All are purchased from Lakota House, so please contact us for aftercare.

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