Handling of ALDEN (Alden) starts with Art Kamakura.

Handling of ALDEN (Alden), also with the highest peak brand of American leather shoes, will begin. The start model number is Michigan Boot (Michigan Boots) familiar in Art.

This time, what is Alden (ALDEN) is what brands, and let's introduce the laste and leather features of Michigan Boot (Michigan Boots) on this blog.

With Alden (All Den)

Alden Kamakura

In Middle Borou, Midorborough in the US Ma Sachtettets, Alden, Founded by Charles H. All Den. At that time, there were no many modest people as an Alden brand, but we were making custom-made boots and delivery of dress shoes.

When the founder Alden retired in 1931, the hand of the teraro family, which is inherited, has continued to manage the family from the current fourth generation. In 1970, we have a factory in Middle Boro in the founding area, and now we are currently producing it.

While continuing to create a traditional Good Ear Welt Method Leather Sound, we developed medical orthodontic shoes for people with foot problems, and this seems to have become an opportunity to be familiar with Anatomica.The good comfort of Alden (Alden) was created by medical orthodontic shoes and traditional custom-made technical skills.

○ What is the modifier drast

Modify drast was born from shoe creation in the aforementioned medical corrective shoe sector. The purpose of improving the problem of feet including O legs and X legs is a rojection, and we adopt its own corrective support technology called foot balance. While holding the earth and heel firmly, it is a unlikely stress-free structure with your fingertips.

In the field of fashion, the modifier drast is expanded for a long time in the Paris shop of Anatomica, and there is a lot of popular Japanese fashion markets.

○ There are various lasts in Alden.

Speaking of all d'en, not only modified trastes, but also a lot of funny Barrylast, which is used in a deep 990 prengus, van laste used for Penny Loafers, a van Delast with a dressy atmosphere, etc. We have a leather shoe with a last that you can choose according to.

○ Features of Michigan Boots

All Den Michigan Boots Kamakura

Michigan Boots (BROWN)


¥ 112,200 (Tax Included)

Michigan boots are a model that started released in 2015, and is a model that appeared as a new model for the first time in 40 years since indibutes as ALDEN. Its characteristic uses soft cowhide that is familiar with the oil called UTICA (Utica) manufactured by Hawwin, and the sole is a double leather specification of the water lock sole, so wear it on a rainy day A popular model as Alden (Alden). I think it would be actually touched, but the upper part is a softer, so it's soft and moist, and you can wear it without worrying even if it is a slight rain. In addition, as the name of the water lock sole, it is also possible to use the oil plenty of this, so it is a structure that can be worn on a rainy day.

○ About the maintenance method of Michigan boots

It is a model that is very tough, so it is a model that can wear the weather even in the Alden leather shoes, but if you wear it after the rainy day, you can make it longer for you to clean it. First of all, if you use the water droplet with a dry cloth, use the shrew tree, so please use this.

Alden's genuine shrew tree is usually prepared, but if you have a request, you can order it.

You can buy 〇 Alden in the Kamakura area only Art Kamakura.

Art Kamakura Aolden

In the Kamakura area, the only regular dealer is the only regular dealer, and the stores handling are limited even in Kanagawa Prefecture, so please contact Kamakura and Shonan Area by all means.

We have purchased from Lakota House all, so please contact after care such as aftercare.

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