Alden(オールデン)トランクショー - アール鎌倉

We will hold 【Alden Trunk Show】.

All Den Trunk Show Kamakura Kanagawa

[Alden Trunk Show] came to be held at the Art Kamakura store. This time, I am a good thing about Lacota House, and I can see more than 30 types of Alden and it is an event that can be purchased on the spot.

In the spring summer season, it was a standard development of Michigan boots only, but in this trunk show, from various lasts such as modiffer drast, Barry Last, Aberdeen Last, various leather such as Codvan, Calaf, Suede etc. Types are also available and can be purchased as an immediate sale party.

Since we handle Anatomica in our shop, a lot of models of modifier drast is prepared, and the popular VTIP argonkin and 379x millimeterallast, service shoes type model, Aberdeen-type model, Aberdeen laste tassel You can see many types such as lopers and other indibutes.

In addition, Alden is a brand that is difficult to buy in the circumference if there is no handling other than Art Kamakura and not going to Yokohama in the Kamakura area. It is quite unusual that you can see all dents of the number of items so far in Kamakura's land, so you will be able to visit this opportunity.

Each weekend during the event period is based in Yamakita-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture, Matsushita, Matsushita, and a shoebank of France, a Shoeba Sadda Saphir, Shoeshine Chum's Bar, SHOESHINE CHUM'S BAR in Saphiru, France. And the events of maintenance consultation are also held together.

As for shoe shine, polishing with brought in is also supported, so I would like to come to this opportunity.

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