Shohain event held simultaneously with the All Dent's Lank Show.

Art's Trunk Show at Holding in Kamakura. Not only Kamakura, but also in Yokohama and Kanagawa area, I received a lot of customers every day that I could see the regular product all dents so far.

As we hold shoe shine and maintenance professional shoe shine and maintenance on this trunk show, we will introduce you.

○ Shoe shine people, Mr. Matsushita right
-The Saturday charge of May 29, 2021, 2021Alden KanagawaMr. Matsushita, who is a shoe shine, is based in Yamakita-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture. He also goes to events from all over the country, and Larfren Omotesando is also the ability to do shoe shine events.

Of course, it is possible to clean, maintain, and other leather products. I think that it is also interesting to listen to Maintenance consultation and the story of shoe shine to Mr. Matsushita, a bright character.


〇shoeshine Chum's Bar (Shohashin Chamsber) Watanabe
-The Sunday, May 23, 2021, May 30

Alden Repair Kamakura

Mr. Shoeshine Chum's Bar, Shoeshine Chum's Bar (Shohashin Chamz Bar), Mr. Watanabe. French Shew Care Brand SAPHIR (Safir) certified shoe shine, cleaning professional, is active as Saphir (Safir) Kanagawa Prefecture Ambassador. Mr. Watanabe can, of course, shoe shine, sole exchange, maintenance, and overwhelming knowledge and technical skills and technities.

He also has a track record of talking about the schoemenance event and shoe shine in Louis Vuitton, so I would like to come to talk to this opportunity.


In this event, we have a lot of content, such as ALDEN, a professional shoe shoe of the shoes, a professional shoe shoe of the shoes, and we are waiting for your visit.