Reversible coat available on both sides. Anna Tomica single Raglan coat 2.


Two models of Anatomica (Anna Tomica). Raglan 2 is a model of a reversible type, and it is a coat with a beautiful silhouette of a line.

Anna Tomica has released this coat for about 10 years, but it has become a popular item in five or six years. The popularity of the series of familiar single sleeve is familiar with the vintage of Burberry.

In Japan, it is often called a stencil coat and a balmakake coat, but since the seam doesn't come up above the thing of one sleeve and the raglan sleeve, it does not come up on the shoulder, and it falls along the line of the body It is the maximum point that the shoulder looks clear.

In Earl Kamakura, we selected a bright Beige oyster that is new in the reversible type.

Oyster cotton 100% gabardine material on one side. It is cotton fabric, but it is made of super high density and has a unique gloss and water repellency. If you wear this surface on the steep rain, you can wear some rain.

The other side uses the thick Tweed Fabric of Dugdale, a British luxury doubler. This ultra high grade tweed is used for the entire coat full of volume and finished in luxury. Many people wear this tweed surface as a table.

It is also noteworthy that there are two pockets that have pockets firmly on either side, pockets that can be accessed, and pockets with hand warmers. With this feature, it is easy to access to the SAMA which is put in the pants.

180cm / 80kg 48 size

It was coordinated by the combination of the 618 original and the all of Anna Tomica. Anna Tomica's item is excellent.

Anatomica Anna

If you are looking for Anatomica (Anna Tomica) in Kanagawa Prefecture, please come to art Kamakura. It is the most handling store in Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition, the owner has been engaged in Anatomica (Anna Tomica) wholesale for about 10 years, so I will guide you about the item, the fabric and the size advice properly.

Anatomica single Raglan coat 2 reversible

Color: Oyster

Size: 46 / 48

Price: 1980000 yen (tax included)

Anna Tomica Raglan 2