History of ANATOMICA (Anatomica)

This time, I would like to introduce ANATOMICA (Anatomika), the main brand of our store.

Those who wanted to read this article wereI think there are many people who know that ANATOMICA is a Paris store in France and that the owner is Pierre Frunier, so I want to follow the tracks to this day in order.

In addition, I would like to write about why ANATOMICA is a French brand, but why there are so many American things, and who is the owner Peel Frunier. First, all the parents of birth,I'll be here from Mr. Pierre Frunier's introduction.

About Pierre Fulnier.

Pierre Fulnier, founder, was born in 1944 in Savoy, France; 76 years old.
GLOBE (Grove) in 1975, and 1979.HEMISPHERE (Emisphere), and in 1994 launched ANATOMICA (Anatomica). Each shop features later, but all are legendary shops, and Pierre Fulnier is the Legend who has launched a series of shops that fascinate the world.

I first met Mr. Pierre Frunier eight years ago, and I remember being shocked by the fact that I was so gentleman and a cuckooy in my early twenties at the time.

GLOBE (Grove), the beginning of the modern select shop, also made a hugely popular Alden modifist, a fashion market, and Pierre Frunier suggested that the original branch of the Chimayo village tradition, which was distributed as a blanket at the time, was the first to be the best.

The style of making various achievements in the fashion industry and still being a guest in the store is the legend itself.

Pierre Fulnier, Anatomika.

GLOBE (Globe)

Pierre Fulnier said, "I'm not sure.The store opened in 1975 in Paris-Lair district with a GLOBE (Grove), a store that can be said to be the forerunner of a modern select shop, and was in Paris at the time, but it was a great deal of goods.

From American super-famous jeans such as Levi's (Levi's) and Lee's (Lee), military and deadstock items from all over the country, and other things like THE NORTH FACE (The North Face) Hanes (Haines) and others are now known, but if you think these were in Paris for 40 years, you can see that it was a silly store.

It seems that the store was the first in Europe to sell the above-mentioned US branded jeans in the store by shrinking them according to the US laundry method. At GLOBE there were pictures of women wearing their militaris, and in this era the idea of women wearing militaris was impressed with greatness as fashion.

GLOBE (Grove) posters
Posters at the time of GLOBE (Grove); handling brands are tremendous.

Further, this GLOBE (Grove) also sold the RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed), a sign brand for the store, with a financing. What a coincidence, it would have been hard to imagine at this time that he would be making a mono with ANATOMICA (Anatomica) with 35SUMMERS, which has the trademark rights of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed).

GLOBE (Grove) Rocky Mountain
The youngest Pierre Frunier wears a GORETEX jacket on RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed).

HEMISPHERE is a very important example of emissfel

From there time passed, it opens HEMISPHERE (Emisphere) on Grand Alme Street in Paris in 1979. Jean Sebastian, who was serving as the number three of Saint Laurent's at the time, looked at Pierre Fulnier's viking sense and tagged it and went to the opening.

HEMISPHERE (Emisphere) is a shop that has a great influence on Japanese fashion, and has also been in Roppongi, Japan. The Japanese shop was operated by Takaichi Nakamura, who was also friendly with Pierre Frunier, as a buyer. Nakamura has since been known as a major in the Japanese apparel industry, such as standing in stores during the ANATOMICA (Anatomica) inshop on the second floor of the United Arrows and standing in stores as sign staff even when the Nihon Bridge shop opened.

HEMISPHERE (Emisphere) means Northern Hemisphere in French, and as its name, it was aligned and sold a variety of clothing from the United States to those in Europe.

It was a famous store that was a good deal of choice, with a lot of countries from cowboy boots, Fisherman's sweater, LEMMERMAYER (remameyer) cardigans, Ortega vests, Chesterbury suits, Loro Piana mufflers, ALDEN (Olden) leather shoes to Rail Road Sox.

However, it will be closed in 1993 due to the departure of co-owner Jean Sebastian.

Emisfer, Anatomika.

ANATOMICA (Anatomica)

In 1994, the following year after the closing of HEMISPHERE (Emisphere), Pierre Frunier was named in the Mare district of Paris, FranceANATOMICA (Anatomica)Open the. At the same time,ANATOMICA (Anatomica)I will also start making things as a brand. This is why the simplification of overseas production and process has led to a sharp decline in quality, and Pierre Frunier's view is that the world is disappearing. From that point on, I decided to produce all my collections in France and started to make things.

Anatomika, Paris store.

Its collection was based on the history and traditions of men's fashion in Europe, and its obsession with "fit" by itself, and was a work in line with the structure and movement of the human body. It was a very "anatomical" work, which faithfully reproduced the characteristics of traditional work clothes and military uniforms.

And a collaboration with Kojiji Teramoto, the 35SUMMERS representative, which began in 2008, will add a new direction to ANATOMICA (Anatomica). This is the birth of American Taste Garment through the filter of two people, by the creation of Japanese things. From the 1960s American Taste, the two men liked the US NAVY-related works, the British Traditional Raglan Court, the sneaker WAKOUWA (Wakwa), and Marilyn of Ladies, who were positioned as sports lines, and became the current ANATOMICA (Anatomica).

Anatomika, Aoyama store.

There are many Americans in ANATOMICA (Anatomica) because the encounter with Teramoto was great.

The two people's obsession with the intense fittings, the fine ditties that do not get out of the invisible places, and the products that are created from the universal style that is not much different are only items that can not be ruined forever. I would like to know ANATOMICA (Anatomica) on this occasion and try it.

Here's a list of ANATOMICA products