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First, a'r139 Kamakura.

American brand down wearRockymountain heatbedRocky Mountain bed bed.
A flagship storeA'r 22724It was in the winter of 2018 that opened in Asakusa Bashi bridge in Tokyo.

Two years have passed since then
In ancient capitalRockymountain heatbedIt was carried out to open the shop of the shop.

The name of the shop is a'r139 Kamakura.
I would like you to call Earl kamakara.

French brand of rockyountainfeverAnatomicaWe will handle various goods including Vintage Indian jewelry and other antique goods.

Online store has started since late October 2020, and a real store will open in December 2020.

The shop is located in a quiet residential area about 8 minutes walk from Kamakura station.

There is Michi San of the popular tea room of the procession of the Kamakura soon besideIf you wash money, you will hear many timesYou can set up a shop on the way to benigen benzaiten. Please stop by all means during sightseeing.

I want to make a place where you can shop slowly. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

Here is an introduction of the shop.

Thank you.

Shop owner Suzuki