It's almost Christmas, isn't it? Are you ready for Christmas gifts?

A'r139Kamakura recommends VINTAGE INDIAN JEWELRY as a Christmas gift.

This is because VINTAGE INDIAN JEWELRY is a one-of-a-world piece of jewelry.
Each motif has its meaning and becomes an tinge. Become a tool to inspire yourself. Don't you think it's very attractive?

I think that it is good to present not only a present to an important person but also to yourself who has overcome this year which became a rare year in the world, thank you very well.

Here, I would like to write about the charm of Indian jewelry.

Meaning of Indian Jewelry Motifs

Indian jewelry uses a variety of motifs. The motif, engraved by the hands of Native American people, has many meanings.


Meaning of Indian Jewelry Motif
ARROW means protection.It has been used as a motif to protect oneself.



Indian Jewelry Gifts
FEATHER represents welcome, friendship and peace. Native Americans have a wonderful habit of changing feathers as a testament to their deepening friendship.

■RATTLESNAKEJAW (Rattlesnake Jaw)

Indian Jewelry Motif Meaning
RATTLESNAKEJAW means strength or power.


Navajo Motif Meaning
Thunderbirds are commonly used.It is a legendary bird that controls thunder and wind. It is said that it is a bird that brings happiness from the image of the rain of grace brought by lightning.

■SWASTIKA (Swastika)

Meaning of Navajo Jewelry Motif

The 半 mark is called a swastika, and it seems that four L's are combined. The meanings of LUCK, LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE were contained, respectively, and it was considered a lucky tinge. However, this mark has been prohibited and no longer used by laws and regulations since WWII. Therefore, it becomes a rare one.


Indian Jewelry Symbol Meaning

TURTLE is a water guardian and a symbol of longevity and health.


Thunderbird Meaning
THUNDERBIRDTRACK is the footprint of the legendary bird Thunderbird. It represents an expectation for a happy and bright future.

■RAIN (Rain)

Vintage Indian Jewelry Meaning

RAIN is a symbol of good work and means abundance. It is said that wishes such as prosperity of descendants and fulfillment of wishes are also included.

Turquoise, Coral Power

Turquoise is a stone commonly used in Indian jewelry. In addition, stones called power stones such as coral and onyx are set in jewelry.


For Native American, turquoise is considered sacred as a stone that represents the "beautiful sky surrounding the earth". It is a power stone with the power to be able to demonstrate strong power at a turning point in life, and to be able to have a broad perspective and flexible thinking. In addition, turquoise is said to be given by people to protect the owner by exerting further power, and it seems to have been passed down from generation to generation in Native American. Turquoise is also famous as the birthstone of December.

Coral (Coral)

Coral is often used in Indian jewelry. Coral is said to have the power to balance the body and relax the mind. Corals come in a variety of colors and have their own meaning, but red corals are said to have the power to remove bad energy and protect your safety.

Vintage Indian jewelry can be used habitually for a long time, regardless of the season or fashion. How about a gift for your important person?

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