The history of the Indian jewelry

The Indian jewelry (native American jewelry) full of wisdom and the knowledge from the ancient times of the worldI attract many people. I write it as a beginning of Indian jewelry about a popularized reason here. Look at the one with the interest to Indian jewelry by all means.

Beginning of Indian jewelry

The history of the Indian jewelry dates back until at least B.C. 10000. The indigenous people who lived in the United States first made personal ornaments with material such as a shell or a stone, a bone, a feather, the royal antler. It is earrings approximately 12,000 years before four bones were decorated to be known as the oldest Indian jewelry (Alaska).

8,000 years before B.C., the indigenous people of the Southwestern U.S. formed beads with a drill in a colorful stone and shell and made a pendant.
The beads that the beads that beads made with a bone, royal antler, a shell 7,000 years before B.C. were made with a shell from the cave of Alabama 6,000 years before B.C. were made with a stone to the copper jewel 3,000 years before B.C. from Lake Superior before B.C. 1500 by the State of ネバタ were discovered in Louisiana each.
I take long time, and high, a technique comes to gradually use the material such as a tooth and the nail of the animal, a turquoise, copper, silver, the pearl.

Antique Indian jewelry

A native is American, and take it; and with the Indian jewelry

The Indian jewelry which became the tool which conveyed a tradition seemed to express rank and personality using it.
The native American wealth did not have a concept of the money with a domestic animal and jewelry, a fur like the present. In addition, the wealth had to be the thing that carrying around was possible.
And I played an important role in the trade between tribes. A native is American, and take it in this wayJewelry was personal ornaments and was a thing with the economic value.

 Vintage Indian jewelry

Technological change

I was introduced beads from the European who went ashore in the North American Continent in the 1500s and came to take it in in a design. The beads were tied with the tendons of a dietary fiber and the animal.

In the 1600s, in the Southwestern U.S., aggression by Spain, rule begin. And I am given and come to use a metal tool in the evil.

In the 1850s Atsidi Sani (アテディサニ.) of the Navaho ) which meant old Smith learned a technique of the silverwork from a Mexican and took in silver in a jewelry design first.

The U.S. Government ruled the land where a Navaho lived in by force of arms in 1864, and forced emigration was forced to (long walk), and the Navaho has been imprisoned for four years by the U.S. Government. It is said that I spread knowledge of the silverwork to the friend in accommodation and came to make jewelry. I raise a silverwork technology while the contact with a white and the Mexican increases according to western reclamation after I was freed from the U.S. Government in 1868.

The ズニ group in admiration of a silverwork technology of the Navaho gets the technique in a domestic animal and exchange. And the ズニ group succeeds to the technique to a Hopi by 1890. The technique streamed down it in this way between tribes and was adopted in various tribes.

It was the simple design which let the early silversmith dissolved hardening, tableware, the ingot which I obtained from the American merchant of Europe origin, and I carved a seal, and plain silver have design characteristics, but I took in a punch and the stamp which a Mexican beamster used later and I used a spur or the iron scraps of the railroad and raised design characteristics.

The jewelry which a turquoise was used for is said to have come to be generally used in Coral from about 1900 from around 1880.

Indian jewelry

How was the Indian jewelry popularized?

The native candy re-can got a trading post-(the place where people trade an article) carry-on, food and the daily necessities that a white ran jewelry and a wool product, the domestic animal which I made from the about 1870s and came to live a life. I came to make casting to dissolve metal, and to drain into the model and the tool to decorate it from the interchange with the people of other races here, and the basics of modern Indian jewelry were completed.

In addition, there was not much work in the native American township, and there seemed to be much native candy re-perception which started a jewelry and craft product on hand in the pawnshop (Pawn) when cash income was necessary. It was made for the trade between an owner and jewelry and a friend and tribes made for the family in those days because the Indian jewelry did not become industry.
It was a condition that the business could collect the item with the amount of money of +10% of amounts of money that the owner was bought. When an owner did not collect it even if it passed for at least six months, the trader was able to sell the product. 70-85% of jewelry seemed to be able to collect an owner, but 15-30% were not collected for some reason, and they were called old pawn jewelry, and it was with one reason that was popularized by having circulated from the hand of the trader

And many whites come to use a train by activation, that of transportation network with the train by gold rush of the 1900s, and the popularized biggest reason depends on tourism of the Southwestern U.S. having accomplished rapid growth.
Native candy re-Kan has begun to sell jewelry made with silver and a turquoise for a tourist. Originally a solid thing was much Indian jewelry, but I brought it close to the thing which I was lightweighted, and a tourist liked and it pulled the interest to the cultures of the tourist and won popularity. It is birth of the tourist jewelry. The representative thing is called Fred Harvey jewelry, Fred Harvey-style jewelry.

Indian jewelry
World heritage Taos Pueblo that came in the journey of the trip. The building of the Adobe architecture made of the sun-dried brick with the history of 1,000 years is still used as a house.

With the Fred Harvey-style

Fred Harvey (1835-1901) is the founder of the Fred Harvey company in American businessmen. Emigrate to New York, America at the age of birth, 15 years old in London, U.K.; several years later American; citizen's.
I worked at a restaurant in New York and acquired various experience there. I wandered each place from place to place and worked for a jeweler's shop and the railroad company afterwards.
I will launch business and it is along a cafe and a railroad and runs the restaurant, but discontinues my business by the breakdown with a thing and the business partner whom the Civil War happened each afterwards.

There was an encounter with the president of Santa Fe Railroad after many twists and turns.It is along the route of the railroad, and, in 1878, Harvey makes a contract to run a small restaurant with Santa Fe Railroad and starts the service of the dining car in Santa Fe Railroad several years later.
As for the dining car, both the meal and the service were bad in those days. Therefore it was novel, and the style to provide service of good quality in the uniform which Harvey devised became popular in an instant.
Therefore women, [Harvey girls] which I am trained thoroughly, and provided high quality service become the movie, and a way of then popularity can call. Harvey held 84 restaurants in the peak, but dies in 1901. The Fred Harvey company was left to sons.

When the 1900s began, in the facilities which he had, it was with the market which sold an Indian jewelry and native American industrial art object for activation of the tourism.
The Fred Harvey company requested of silver Smith that I made much of lightweighting of the jewelry, design characteristics to get the heart of the tourist. It became popular, and many tourists bought them which were completed in this way. In addition, the motifs such as Thunderbird or the arrow seemed to come to be used frequently to be identified as Indian jewelry at a glance more these days.
In this way, the Fred Harvey company became the first person who let the Indian jewelry which was the personal ornaments in the tribe popularize till then.

Indian jewelry
Santa Fe that came in the journey of the trip. The vehicle [caboose] for exclusive use of a conductor connected in the tail.

With the bell trading post

In 1932, Jack Michelle loss and his wife establish the bell trading post. It was named [BELL] by a maiden name of Jack Middleton of his wife. Jack produced Indian jewelry (tourist jewelry) for tourists via New Mexico Albuquerque and sold it in various sightseeing firms including the shop of Fred Harvey. Navaho jewelry accounted for most, but the tribal native candy re-perception was registered other than ズニ groups, too and seemed to produce it.

An oar was handmade and produced many items, but there seemed to be the time when I added the machine on the way.

Unfortunately it is purchased in 1972 and does not exist, but well- known, there is me a lot, and the jewelry collector of the bell trading post is popular at all with even the United States now.

The bell trading post
The liver theater which was built in 1927 in Albuquerque that came in the journey of the trip. The design which matched Pueblo style with art deco is characteristic.

Charm of the OLD Indian jewelry

Native candy re-Kan learns various foreign country culture from the history and an evil in this way and crosses it and original view of the world and thought and continues making Indian jewelry of the one and only from ancient times to the present.

I had in Japan and valued dozens of points of buying carefully this time in the United States. The Indian jewelry which becomes the tool encouraging oneself for the existence such as the lucky charm. Please look at it.

The list of products of the vintage Indian jewelry from this.