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This paper thoroughly explains the 618 MARILYN (Marilin) of ANATOMICA (Anatomica).

It is 618 MARILYN (Marilyn) that ANATOMICA (Anatomica) became the opportunity to be recognized as a female fashion market.

This time, I would like to explain the difference between MARILYN (Marilyn 1) MARILYN2 (Marilyn2) and how to choose size, how to choose the dough, how to coordinate and how to fit with my height.

* If you're interested in the brand of ANATOMICA, see the articles you wrote in the past.history of aNATOMICAThis way.

The birth of 618 MARILYN (Marilin 1).

This is the first time I've been working on 35SUMMERS at the time.He was responsible for wholesale of ANATOMICA (Anatomica) and was responsible for the wholesale of the period.ANATOMICA (Anatomica) was a place where men had core fans and even expanded their handling in Japan, but there was no product plan for women, and there was little knowledge outside the apparel industry.

MARILYN (Marilyn) has been in the supposition for more than a year before its release,Planning for women's jeans has progressed between Mr. Pierre, a Paris representative at ANATOMICA (Anatomica), and Mr. Teramoto, a representative at 35SUMMERS.

The silhouette that was originally aimed at was the 701 jeans of LEVI'S (Levise), which Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) liked. It was 618 MARILYN (Marilyn) who thoroughly studied the jeans of VINTAGE's LEVI'S (Levise) 701 owned by Mr. Teramoto, and made pattern modifications several times from the development of the dough to how beautiful silhouettes would come out.

Now,ANATOMICA (Anatomica) Ladies' representative, 618 MARILYN (Marilyn), but it is enough to count it at the exhibition at the beginning of launch.It was the order number, but the following year it was doubled, then several times more.

On the occasion, Sega Kaka was popular in dramas, and the spread of magazines and SNS made him a representative. It was a denim of high quality that was built over time from the above concept, and the speed of the first recognition was great, and it became a blockbuster that continued to sell for nearly five years after its launch.

The waist is the most tangled position, the silhouette with a round silhouette with a crotch and a silhouette with a silhouette with a crotch deep and a lot of silhouettes around the ass, so it is easy to wear without choosing the body shape.

The birth of 618 MARILYN 2 (Marilin 2).

A little from the release of MARILYN (Marilyn 1), we will embark on developing the next jeans.Against the fact that MARILYN (Marilyn 1) was the former neta of LEVI'S (Levis), the following is the VINTAGE of LEE (Leigh) around the same age, giving birth to a model called MARILYN2 (Marilyn 2).

This is a deep pants on the crotch, but the width around the thigh is different, and the back pocket detail follows LEE (Lee).

Against the feminine, rounded, and silhouettes of MARILYN (Marilin 1), MARILYN2 (Marilin 2) has become a silhouette of a more neat, adultish impression. Both of them are so deep on their hips that they can see the long legs if they are easy to wear.

size selection

Anatomica, Marilyn, Coordinate.

When you choose the same size, you can often say that you do not do it. If you choose the same size, you can not do it. Let me see if you want to put the size charts and sizes in the special articles you wrote in the past. →Size Sense and Size Selection of the MARILYN Series

about dough and raise

MARILYN (Marilyn 1): A soft denim material with pink ears that fully reproduced the dough at the time of cotton 100%. It is 11 ounces thick, making it a slightly thinner setting than common jeans, producing softness and easy patch. If you put on it again, the waist will grow around 1cm, so you will recommend that you choose a little bit of size from the Just.

The lengths are set at length, but many do not cut, roll up and put on, and as mentioned above, the dough is thin and soft, so it is not easy to roll up twice or three times.

MARILYN2 (Marilyn 2): 100% cotton, but this is an American-made 13.5 ounce fabric, and it is thicker and more American jeans closer to 1.

This is also a long-range structure, and the thickness of the dough is a little thick, so there are many cases where it is rolled up or raised one or two times. I think it is better to be raised to make it look beautiful because it is narrower here.

164 cm female on the model,We've rolled up MARILYN (Marilyn 1) twice, and even at a height of 164 cm, we need to roll up twice, so we also need to cut it depending on height.

27 inches worn by 164 cm MARILYN (Marilin 1); rolled up twice.

About coordinating

There is also a denim for MARILYN (Marilin) 1 and 2, and it is easy to meet. By tacking in and paving, I wonder if the beautiful silhouette from the waist is easy to show and Marilyn is easy to see.

For 1, it is thick, rounded silhouettes, so I think there are many coordinations that fit the sneakers, and when you meet the leather shoes, you will be stuck overall and make a cuckooy impression.

27 inches worn by 164 cm MARILYN (Marilin 1); rolled up twice. 

There are small sizes of the second, so I think that it is good to wear it properly when you meet it with a heeled shoe or leather shoe, as well as a sneaker.

28 inch wear of 164cm MARILYN2 (Marilin 2). Raising image.

This is the model MARILYN series that represents the ladies of ANATOMICA (Anatomica), and this season, some of them use British corduroy dough, so let's see it.

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