We will explain the 618 Marilyn series of Anatomica (Anatomica).

Anatomica Marin

618 Marilyn (Marilyn) has been an opportunity for the brand of Anatomica (Anatomica) to be recognized by women's fashion markets.

This time, we describe the following points of Marilyn (Marilyn 1) and Marilyn2 (Marilyn 2).
· About the birth
· About shape
· How to select the size
· About fabric about fabric growth
· Necessity of hem

Finally, we introduce several cases of coordination for a 164 cm woman wearing a woman.

* Please refer to the article written in the past if you are interested in the brand of Anatomica (Anatomica) →Anatomica historyHere

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About birth

■ 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1) birth

 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1)Completed is 2015. At that time I am at 35 SUMMERS manufacturerI was in charge of wholesale of Anatomica (Anatomica). This timeAnatomica (Anatomica) was a place where the core fan was present in men, while the handling in Japan was also expanding, but there was no product planning for women, but those other than the apparel industry It was a situation where there was almost no knowledge.

Marilyn (Marilyn) has an idea of ​​more than one year of release,The planning of jeans for women was in progress between Mr. Pierre, a representative of Paris of Anatomica (Anatomica), and Mr. Teramoto, a representative of 35summers.

Here, the silhouette to be aimed for the original material was the jeans of Levi's (Levi's) 701, where Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) was like. The jeans of Vintage's Levi's (Levius) 701 owned by Mr. Teramoto are thoroughly studied, and from the development of fabrics, how to make a pattern many times when the 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1).

NowAnatomica (Anatomica) is a masterpiece of ladies 618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1), but it is possible to count at the original exhibitionIt was the order number. However, the following year is doubled, next to several times more than several times, and it will spread to the world.

As a trigger, actress Ayase Haruka was worn in the drama, and it was due to the spread of magazines and SNS. As mentioned above, it is a high quality denim from the concept, it is a high quality denim, and the sense of speed after being recognized once is a great hit part number that continues to be sold continuously because it is only 5 years since the release is Yes.

■ The birth of 618 Marilyn 2 (Marilyn 2)

A little from the release of Marilyn (Marilyn 1), embarks on the development of the next jeans.While Marilyn (Marilyn 1) was the original material of Levi's (Levius), we focus on VINTAGE of Lee around the same age and let Marilyn2 (Marilyn 2) model.

This is a deep pants of the crotch, but the hem width around the thigh is different, and the back pocket details also follow Lee (Lee).

About the shape

618 Marilyn (Marilyn 1) shape

A beautiful silhouette with a rounded down from there as the waist position, with the highest high position of the waist. You can create a feminine rounded hip. The crotch is very deep and there is plenty of comfort around the butt, so it is characterized by being easy to wear without choosing a body shape.

Marilyn dressed

■ 618 MARILYN 2 (Marilyn 2) shape

Marilyn (Marilyn 1) is a beautiful silhouette with a woman with a woman and Marilyn 2 (Marilyn 2) is a silhouette of a more clean and adult impression. Since the upper crotch is deep, there is an easy-to-wear ease of being so far, and the hips go up and the feet can be seen for a long time.

Marilyn 2 dressed

How to select the size of 1 and 2

Anatomica Marin Coordinates

MARILYN1 and 2 have different crotch depths, so the waist position changes. Therefore, if you choose the same size, there are many cases that you will not do. Please refer to the special feature article written in the past, and please refer to the details of the size chart and how to select the size, so please refer to it. →MARILYN Series Size and Size Selection


About the need for fabric and hem

Marilyn hem

■ Necessity of fabric and hem raising of marilyn (Marilyn 1)

A soft denim material of the pink ear completely reproduced the fabric at that time of 100% cotton. The thickness is 11 ounces, making it slightly thinner than the general jeans, which produces softness and ease of wear. Since the waist tends to extend around 1 cm to wear, it is recommended that you choose a slightly tight size from just.

Length is set to a long time, but many are not cut and are witted with rollup. As the fabric is thin and soft, it is characterized by no hem even if you roll up 2 to 3 times.
1 and 2 There is a good thing to roll up, but I think it would be better to cut and adjust.

■ Necessity of fabric and hem raising of marilyn2 (Marilyn 2)

It is 100% cotton as Marilyn (Marilyn 1), but this is a 13.5 oz fabric made of Japan,Marilyn (Marilyn 1)A thick and more comfortable to American jeans compared to.

Here too, the same length is a long setting, so there are a lot of thickness of the fabric, so there are many cases where 1-2 rollups or hemed.Marilyn 2 (Marilyn 2)Because the hem width is narrow, I think that it is better to have a clean silhouette that was raised by the hem.

Code of coordination

■ Code of coordination of marilyn (Marilyn) 1

Marilyn Corde
Height 164 cm. 2 Roll up. For feminine impressions together with a long-length vintage blouse and Porseri's ballet shoes.

Denim Marilyn dressedHeight 164 cm. 2 Roll up. Rockymountainfeatherbed Complete the best of Rocky Mountain Feather Bed. It is easy to move with Bilken.

 Marilyn 1 coordinHeight 164 cm. 2 Roll up.Cute even if you combine sneakers.

Because it is denim, it is excellent. By tacking the tack-in, or a short-length tops, the beautiful silhouette from the waist stands out.

Since there is a hem width with a thick and rounded silhouette, it is an impression that it is more than a heel that does not have a heel such as a sneaker.

MARILYN (Marilyn) 2 coordination example

Marilyn 2 is narrow the hem width, so many sneakers are, but you can wear it cool by combining with heel shoes and leather shoes.

Marilyn 2 Denim CordeHeight 164 cm. The hem is a cut image. RockyMountainfeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) according to the downcoat. Wear leather shoes and cleanly.

Marilyn 2 Corde AnatomicaHeight 164 cm. The hem is a cut image.In combination with the City Wagger Court, in an adult-like atmosphere.

Marilyn II Corde Anatomica
Height 164 cm. The hem is a cut image.It is better for the VINTAGE tops of the handle.

As mentioned above, it was a commentary of the model Marilyn series representing the ladies of Anatomica (Anatomica). In the season, it is also very cute with the United Kingdom Corduroy fabric with 618 Marilyn (Marilyn). Please have a look.

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