Introducing the military, dead stock, and used clothing of Earl Kamakura.

We would like to introduce military items, dead stock items, and used clothing that are currently available at our shop.


● US Army JUNGLE FATIGUE JACKET (Jungle FATIGUE jacket) dead stock

Jungle Fatig Dead Stock

It is a TROPICAL COMBAT JACKET of US ARMY manufactured in the latter half of the 1960s.

If you are watching a movie about the Vietnam War, such as the movies [Forrest Gump] and [The Deer Hunter], you may have seen this characteristic pocket. Because this jacket was the combat uniform adopted for the Vietnam War.

The US military supported South Vietnam in the 1960s and entered the war. Therefore, the Jungle Fatigue Jacket was developed to support the environment peculiar to the subtropical region of Vietnam. On the fabricLight and easy-to-dry cotton poplin is used, and since it is a ripstop, it is resistant to tearing even when moving in jungle areas, and is equipped with practical details.

The models we handle are dead stock products of the final model called 4th. Early models have changes in specifications, such as having an epaulette instead of a ripstop. Personally, I recommend the 4th model because it is very easy to wear just without this epaulette.

In addition, we only offer types with a width of LARGE and a length of SHORT. This length is very easy to match and can be worn by both women and men. As the length becomes longer, the space between the pockets will increase, so I think this SHORT length is the best to look at.


● French Army M52 Chino Dead Stock

m52 chinos

Speaking of French army chinos, the model called M52 is the most famous. This model was adopted in 1952, and it has a tuck, and the straight silhouette that falls straight down is a chinos that you can use everyday without becoming obsolete.

M52 is classified into the first half and the second half according to the difference in detail, and it is possible to judge by the presence or absence of the flap of the back pocket. In addition, there are 1-tuck old models and 2-tuck final models in the later models.

All the models we handle are the oldest one-tuck specs in the latter half, made in 1955-58. In addition to being dead stock, we also have items that are in very good condition with paper tags.


● 1960 ’S LEVI ’S CASUALS BIGE Trousers Dead Stock

Levi's Big E

1960s LEVI'S CASUALS cotton poly slacks type pants.
Nowadays, it is a blended material called TC, which is a hybrid material that makes the best use of the strengths of both by combining a cotton material with excellent breathability and resistance to static electricity and polyester that does not easily wrinkle and dries easily. Since it is strong, it is also used for tents and workwear, and I think it was the most advanced material in the 1960s.

As a detail, the position of the back pocket is high, which also has the effect of making the legs look longer.

Even among Levi's made in the United States, where prices are currently rising, the Big E model is unlikely to continue to fall.

This is dead stock, and it's very good with all the paper tabs left. There are also 33 and 34 popular sizes.


● US NAVY Utility Pants Dead Stock

Utility pants used by the US Navy. As the name suggests, it is a uniform worn in various scenes, and the beautiful navy color is elegant and very easy to match.

This is a dead stock product released in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Since it is considered on the premise of raising the hem, the hem is left uncut, and because of its long length, it is recommended that you raise the hem and wear it neatly. There is almost no taper, the hem width is not too wide, and the silhouette is easy to match.


● 1960 ’S EAST GERMANY Work pants Dead stock

Work pants made in East Germany made in the 1960s.

The fabric is a very firm cotton fabric with no belt loops and a D-can for attaching suspenders inside the pants. Even if you don't attach suspenders, the entire back of the waist is made of rubber so you can wear it comfortably.

In addition, the pocket on the right side is a through specification, and the hem can be squeezed in two stages.

Even with old clothes and dead stock, I don't think you can find beautiful black pants, so how about looking for one?

We have once washed the dead stock so that you can wear our items immediately.



Beautiful striped cock pants used by the German army. This is a USED used clothing item.

As the name suggests, cock pants are the pants worn by the chef in charge of the kitchen in the German army.

Navy near black, white stripes, and 100% cotton silky fabric. This fabric is a classic striped pattern often seen in German fabrics.

It has a loose silhouette and is lightly tapered toward the hem.

There is rubber on both sides of the waist, making it very easy to wear. The front is a zip fly with a belt loop.

Because it is used clothing, there may be some damage, but I think it is in good condition. We have done one wash at our shop once.


● CZECH ARMY M85 SKIRT Dead stock

Czech army skirt. There are many women who work in the military, so it will be a uniform that can be worn in normal work rather than in the battlefield.

With a gentle A-line silhouette, it is below the knee length. It features diagonal pockets and pleats on the front (not slits).

It is designed to be attached and detached with a side button, and has a belt loop. In addition, there are two buttons on the waist, and you can adjust the size slightly.

The glossy cotton material is firm and you can wear it cool.


That is all. How was it?

In addition to this, there are many valuable old clothes during the war, military items, Indian jewelry and other vintage items.

If you have any products you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.

Earl Kamakura is located in the area called Ogigayatsu, and there are Chabo Mumbo, where you can line up, Moyai Kogei, a famous folk craft shop, and Zeniarai Benzaiten. I hope you will come and visit us while you are sightseeing in Kamakura.