Super Convenient Rocky Mountain Jackson Parka (Jackson Parker) has arrived.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Jackson Parka
Size: M / L
Price: 44,000 (Tax in)

Rocky Mountain Jackson ParkerRed

Jackson Parker Kanagawa Rocky Mountain


Rocky Mountain Court

RockyMountainfeatherbed The first new Jackson Parka (Jackson Parker) is the first appearance.

It is a super convenient item, with a relaxed silhouette, lightweight and waterproof specifications, lightweight and waterproof specifications, lightweight and waterproof specifications and good places.

It can be worn without worrying on rainy days, and is perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

· Developed a breathable waterproof material familiar with Goretex. that name as wellStormShutterStorm shutter)

Rocky Mountain Goatex

This parka is used with original waterproof materials made with the latest technology. We adopt the same 3 layer fabric as Goretex (Goatex) familiar with waterproof jacket and coat. By holding a special material while the fabric is three layers, the humidity is an excellent material that can be shut out while the humidity is released.

In addition, the seam tape is applied to various places, and waterproofing measures are also a perfect specification. It is a very classical fabric, but we have the latest functionality, so I would like to wear it the best as the strongest equipment of rainy days.

· With a plenty of silhouette of A-line, make a sense of volume, and it feels like the size you want to wear

Rocky Mountain Kamakura

Not only fabric texture and coloring but also the size of the size that is rough and tightened. Study the shell of the vintage outdoor brand and manufacture with the original pattern and sizing. Because there are plenty of width and land length, it is possible to wear it from above the jacket style and outerwear. If you can combine the inner down, etc., you can spend comfortable in winter.

· About size

In our shop, two sizes of M and L are available. As we want to wear firmly in autumn and winter, we want to fit even more relaxed, so if it is 175 cm, M size, ~ 185 cm, L size is recommended.

· We will propose a perfect piece for customers in Art Kamakura.

Arhal Kamakura is a 10-minute walk from Kamakura Station, and is located opposite the popular Teabo no Mica. Rocky Mountain, Anatomica, Big Yank, Alden, and the select shop of Kamakura, which will be all dents and vintage wear.

In particular, with regard to Rocky Mountain and Anatomica, there is also a manufacturer's franchise shop, which is the most handling store in Kanagawa Prefecture. We are looking forward to your visit to the brand in Yokohama and Kawasaki, Shonan Area, and prefecture, and customers from outside the prefecture.