#01 Road Trip America

Last year, I embarked on my long・held dream of traveling around the world and spent more than half a year in the United States and Europe.The southwestern part of the United States was one of the places I always wanted to stop by.The reason is、I want to touch authentic Indian jewelry and its history!It is because I thought that.

I met Indian jewelry when I was in my 20s.I knew not only the design, but also the historical background, the unique worldview and thought, and was possessed by its charm.Since then, every year, I am buying and collecting one by one on my birthday. 1

This is a record of a trip to the southwestern United States.If you are interested, please take a look.

Las Vegas→Seligman→Grand Canyon → Antelope Canyon
→Horseshoe Bend→Monument Valley → Sedona → Flagstaff
→Phoenix→El Paso→white sands→Santa Fe→Chimayo
→Taos Pueblo → Albuquerque

Travel AmericaIt is a map showing the place where I stopped.

 Two thousand nineteen10, I landed at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.In Las Vegas, which is said to be the best“night Castle”in the United States, we enjoyed the casino, the show, shopping and night view to the fullest.I lost at the casino and I fell asleep at the show,but from here it was the production.The purpose of this trip is to follow in the footsteps of Native Americans.

Las Vegas fountain show
Famous fountain show at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.
After Las Vegas, we headed for the Navajo settlement, the Grand Canyon in Arizona.Seligman, Arizona(SeligmanI stopped by a city called "the city".Seligman: Route 66 (Route 66)It is a popular tourist destination that became the model city of the Disney movie“cars”.
 There are many famous spots in Seligman, but among them is Angel's shop, who is the leader of the reconstruction of Route 66.Route 66, which traversed the continent, was an important national highway that facilitated the development of the American West, and between 1926 and 1985, it was known as the Mother Road, which ran through 8 American States from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, with a total length of 3755 km.It was once in decline, but the citizens such as Angel rose up and recovered.The name was once again inscribed on the map as a registered historic item designated by the United States, and it is still the subject of American pop culture.

After sightseeing Seligman, the Grand Canyon(Grand CanyonWe arrived at the airport.The Colorado River flows through Arizona, USA.The Grand Canyon is a great canyon with a total length of 1.7 billion years, created by the scraping of the Colorado River. it is 450 km long.

Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon before sunset.

I was just impressed by the magnificent and magnificent scenery that has been cultivated since long before the birth of mankind.We stayed overnight at a nearby hotel and went to the Grand Canyon again the next morning.After that, we stopped at a souvenir shop in the Navajo settlement and headed to Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon in the morning.

Indian jewelryA souvenir shop run by Native American people.

Antelope Canyon includes Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon.I visited Lower Antelope Canyon before, so this time I booked a tour of Upper Antelope Canyon.Because Antelope Canyon is a Navajo settlement, public access is prohibited, and you must book a local tour.
It was a place where the sacred territory was felt by the layers of beautiful strata that were revealed by sunlight coming into the sandstone canyon carved by water erosion.

Antelope CanyonUpper Antelope Canyon.It seems that it looks like a heart. 
 The next morning, we headed to Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, one of America's 7 great power spots, where the Colorado River eroded.The shape is similar to The Shape of Horseshoe (horseshoe) that protects the hoof of a horse, so it seems that it was attached with a horseshoe bend.It's a nice American name.

Horseshoe ventHorseshoe Bend.View from the top of the cliff.

Next to Horseshoe vent, we will head to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

Monument Valley
It is the name of an area that stretches from southern Utah to Northern Arizona in the southwest of the United States, and is dotted with table-shaped plateaus called Mesa and Rocky butts that have been eroded.It has been a Navajo settlement since ancient times, and now part of it is open to the public under Navajo jurisdiction. it is also known as the Navajo Holy Land and is a famous tourist destination.

It is also the location of films such as Forrest Gump and back to the Future 3, and it is a famous view that everyone has seen 1 degree.

The Navajo people refer to this settlement as the Navajo Nation, a United States-recognized“country”and not a national park.Navajo is a“semi-independent country”that has its own president, has its own laws, and has everything from schools to police.Monument Valley is sacred to the Navajo people.There are many Navajo people who continue their traditional lives there.

Monument ValleyDusk in Monument Valley.

The next day we moved to Sedona, Arizona.Sedona has been revered as a sacred place by Native Americans since ancient times and is a sacred place that was visited to perform rituals.
In recent years, it has become a tourist destination where many people from all over the world come to feel the mysterious power of Sedona.

SedonaAirport Mesa
Thunder Mountain.

It seems to be a model of Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain. It is said that the reason why power gathers in Sedona is because the Earth's magnetic force is concentrated and the vortex which emits strong energy is concentrated.

He then toured Flagstaff, Arizona.The next morning I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and flew to El Paso, Texas.El Paso was built by the Spanish during the colonial era and was originally a territory of Mexico, but it has a history of becoming a territory of the United States by agreement after the Mexican-American War.This is why it has a unique atmosphere with a strong Mexican culture.I drove north from El Paso by car and stopped at White Sands National Monument.

White Sands is a vast white sand dune made of gypsum crystals in New Mexico, where the sand is cool and glittering, giving you the illusion of coming to a snow country.I saw plants and animals that I had never seen before, and it was a strange feeling.

White sandsI run at White Sands.

After a night in the nearby city of white sands, we headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe is a place that became famous in Japan with the photo book of Rie Miyazawa.It is the 2nd oldest city in the United States and has a unique charm with adobe buildings made of sun-dried bricks.

There are many simple but beautiful attractions such as the San Miguel Mission, which is said to be the oldest association in America, The Oldest House in America, and the Loretto Chapel, which has a“miracle spiral staircase”.Santa Fe is home to many artists, and you can also visit many art museums and museums.There are also many Native American street vendors, Indian jewelry shops, vintage shops and antique malls.It is a city where you can enjoy shopping.

Santa FeCaboose, the conductor of the Santa Fe Railroad.

The next day, we headed to Chimayo, New Mexico, famous for Chimayo weaving such as Ortega and sentinelas.Chimayo was a peaceful, small village with a blend of Spanish immigrants and Native American culture.

OrtegaThere are Ortega's, CENTINELA's and TRUJILLO's shops in Chimayo.

The”miracle Sand " Springs from the Church of santoario de chimayo (el santuario de chimayo), and it is said that by applying the sand, diseases and injuries can be cured.I put a miracle sand on my shoulder, but my stiff shoulder unfortunately did not improve.

In addition, Chimayo is famous for Chile, which is rated as the highest quality product, and it is also used as an amulet and can be seen everywhere in the city.

Church of santovario de Chimayo El santuario de chimayo.

 I left Chimayo and headed to Taos Pueblo in New Mexico.Taos Pueblo is an ancient settlement of the Native American Pueblo tribe and is listed as a World Heritage site.Built between 1000 and 1450 A.D., It is a traditional place where about 150 Native American people still live.There are many shops of crafts and jewelry made by Native American people, and you can also eat traditional fried bread made with corn flour.

Taos PuebloTaos Pueblo, a World Heritage Site.There are many shops and residences.

The next day, we headed to Albuquerque, famous for the International Balloon Festival.Albuquerque is also known as the location for the international drama Breaking Bad.It is home to a wealth of Spanish culture and Native American historical sites.

Its representative is the KiMo Theatre in downtown.、In a theater called Pueblo Deco、The building is a blend of Pueblo-style clay-wall architecture and art deco style.

Kimo theaterKimo theater.It has been designated as an important cultural property in the United States.
New Mexico, where Albuquerque is located, has 23 Native American tribes.This is why there is the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, where you can learn more about the history of the tribe.Also, there were many vintage shops and antique malls dealing in Indian jewelry, and it was a city where you can enjoy shopping.

The record of the Southwest American trip will be here.

It was very hard physically because I kept moving from morning to night every day, but the dry air, the wide blue sky, and the drive in the wilderness was the best I could feel the nature of America with my skin.It was also a very good experience to see a lot of Indian jewelry and to hear about Indian jewelry.

The next day I fly from Albuquerque to New Orleans.I would like to write about the continuation of this trip at a later date.