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# 02 Road Trip America

Continuing from the previous “Road Trip America”, this time I wrote a travel report from New Orleans to Philadelphia. If you are interested, please take a look.

“Road Trip America”HereFrom.

New Orleans → Miami → (Board a cruise ship and tour Puerto Rico etc.)
→ Miami → Key West → New York → Philadelphia

New Orleans

I flew from Albuquerque, New Mexico to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. It is also a popular tourist destination with its unique food culture influenced by various countries such as France, Spain, Canada and West Africa.

New OrleansBourbon Street, a street that crosses the area of ​​The French Quarter, is packed with jazz bars, live houses and restaurants. Live band performances reverberate here and there at night. The historic jazz bar, Preservation Hall, is also on this street. Jazz bars range from famous bars like the Preservation Hall to free bars, with a variety of atmospheres, including casual and chic bars.

New Orleans TourismBourbon street.

 New Orleans Jazz BarThe jazz bar I visited on the first day. It was a casual bar where you could easily enter just for food and drink, and both the performers and the audience enjoyed it.

During the day, stroll through the area called the French Quarter, which retains the remnants of the French colonial era of the 18th century and makes you feel the good old days. Benier, who also has a store at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in New Orleans, visited the main store of the famous Cafe Du Monde. It was crowded because it was a famous store, but because the turnover rate was fast, I entered the store without having to wait so long. I ordered beignet and chicory coffee.

Cafe du Monde New OrleansThe main store of Cafe du Monde.

Beignet Cafe du Monde
Beignet. A quick and light donut with a lot of powdered sugar.

Chicory coffee is a blend of ground and roasted herb roots called chicory, which is characterized by its unique bitterness. It went well with the sweet beignet.


New Orleans Iron RaceMiltenberger Houses, a building with beautiful iron races in the French Quarter.

 St. Louis Cathedral Jackson SquareSaint Louis Cathedral as seen from Jackson Square, the center of the city.


St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest active Catholic cathedral in the United States. The cornerstone of the current cathedral, the third generation, was laid in 1789 and is a historic cathedral completed in 1794.

Jackson Square is a lively park where street musicians and street performers are performing and many people gather. There were also artists and fortune-telling stalls who drew caricatures and landscape paintings. There are also carriages for tourists.

What I was most looking forward to in New Orleans was soul food such as Cajun and Creole dishes with plenty of seafood-based spices and herbs. Gumbo, Cajun pasta, etufe, as well as muffuletta (sour and salty sandwich with ham, salami, olives, etc.) that is perfect for breakfast, and raw oysters eaten with chili sauce are also famous.

Cajun cuisineI ate around various shops, but I was addicted to Gumbo, Cajun pasta, and Etufe at the shop "COOP'S" and went there many times during my stay.

Cajun Pasta New Orleans
Cajun pasta with plenty of seafood.

Gumbo New Orleans
This is also an etufe with plenty of seafood.

New Orleans Muffuletta
The voluminous muffuletta is delicious with the acidity of olives.

I thought that American food was all about hamburgers and steaks, but when I visited New Orleans and encountered Cajun and Creole food, my impression changed dramatically and I felt the depth of American culture. ..

Watch the NBA in Miami. New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Clippers, this day was the return match for Paul George, who belongs to the Clippers. I'm a Clippers fan, but since it was an away game, I secretly cheered on it so that I wouldn't be exposed to hot Pelicans fans. Also, Zion Williamson, who belongs to the Clippers, was unfortunately on the bench due to an injury, but I firmly burned it in my eyes.

Paul GeorgeWhere my favorite Paul George throws a free throw.

I left New Orleans and flew to Miami, Florida. With that foot, board the "MSC Cruise" passenger ship and go on a Caribbean cruise. We toured resort areas such as Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie and Dominican Amber Corp.

Caribbean cruiseOn a Caribbean cruise, we stopped at various beautiful islands.


After a two-week cruise, I went sightseeing in Miami when I came back.
I saw only the beautiful sea while boarding the cruise ship, so Miami Beach was quick. After that, I headed to Little Havana, a small Cuba in Miami. Little Havana is a city where many Cubans have settled and built a community since the Cuban Revolution of 1959. The city is a Spanish-speaking and exotic district full of Latin atmosphere. The city was full of wall art, with colorful tropical fruits sold everywhere, and it was a colorful and lovely place. In addition, there were people enjoying cigars at cigar shops, and many people enjoying dominoes in the park (domino park) in the center of the city, and a relaxing time was flowing throughout the city.

Miami Little HavanaColorful cityscape. Colorful rooster objects are found throughout Little Havana. Also, stray? The strong chickens are also walking around freely.

Miami Little Havana Domino ParkDomino Park attracts many people, from locals to tourists. Multiple domino stands are installed.

Key West

The next day, rent a car from Miami and head to Key West, Florida. Key West is the southernmost island of the United States, famous for the Seven Mile Bridge, which runs over the deep blue waters. Located in the tropics, closer to Havana, the capital of Cuba, than Miami, it is a small, peaceful resort with a Caribbean atmosphere. I arrived at Key West in about 4 hours by car from Miami.

Key West is a compact island that is warm all year round. Stroll down the streets lined with beautiful Victorian houses, or spend some time in front of the beautiful blue waters. I rented a bicycle from the hotel I stayed at and went around the island, but there are also trolley tours around sightseeing spots.

The Nobel Prize in Literature award-winning Ernest Hemingway mansion is located in Keywest and can now be visited as a museum. The bar "Sloppy Jaws" that Hemingway used to go to is still open, and the mojito that I drank while listening to music was the best.

Seven Mile BridgeSeven Mile Bridge. It has a total length of 6.765 miles (10.887 km).

Ernest Hemingway HouseHemingway's mansion. Some are descendants of Hemingway's six-fingered cat.

Sloppy Joes HemingwaySloppy Joe's Bar where Hemingway went (Sloppy Joe's and Bar). Hemingway, who learned the charm of the sea from a person named Joe Russell who bought this bar, is said to have written "The Old Man and the Sea".

Key West
A popular spot in Key West, Southernmost Point. Many people are lined up to take pictures.

Because it is an island surrounded by the sea, the seafood dishes were fresh and the best. The specialty key lime pie was also sweet and sour and very delicious. However, Key West is a cold-weather area that is very popular with Americans, and many celebrity villas are built, so hotels and restaurants are priced at tourist destinations. I felt it was expensive overall for me during a long trip.

As an aside, in Keywest, you'll meet wild iguanas everywhere on the roadside, in the gardens of people's homes, on the beaches. When you notice a human, you run away with great momentum, but because it is big, you are quite scared.

After this, I left the warm key waist and headed to New York in the middle of winter.

New York(New York

New York attracts many tourists from all over the world. It's a vibrant metropolis with many attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Times Square, and entertainment such as Broadway musicals. In addition, there are only fashionable shops in New York, which is famous as the epidemic. You can also see many museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is known as one of the world's three largest museums.

New York City, the largest city in New York State. New York City includes the familiar Manhattan, Brooklyn, which has become a popular area with recent development, Queens in the area where JFK Airport is located, Bronx in the area where Yankee Stadium is located, and Staten Island located in the southwestern part of Manhattan. It can be divided.


Speaking of New York, Manhattan. Manhattan is full of attractions. I arranged the tourist spots in order from the south.

■ Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty
The familiar Statue of Liberty. The statue was completed in 1886 by a French fundraiser who supported the independence movement to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the independence of the United States.
In his right hand he holds a torch made of pure gold, and in his left he holds a nameplate engraved with "July 4, 1776", which is Independence Day. There are torn chains and shackles at the feet, symbolizing the freedom from all crackdowns and restraints and the freedom and equality of all humankind.
Many tourists were on board the free ferry to Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty up close.

■ World Trade Center Station
World Trade Center Station
The World Trade Center station became dysfunctional due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, but after reconstruction work, it was reborn in 2016 with a novel design inspired by birds. There are many shops and restaurants inside. It is right next to the 9.11 Memorial.

■ Wall Street
Wall street
Wall Street is the world's financial center with many major financial institutions, including the NY Stock Exchange. Symbolizes Wall StreetBull statue, Charging BullThe Fearless Girl, which was set up to confront the New York Stock Exchange, was relocated in front of the NY Stock Exchange.

■ Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Village 
The Brooklyn Bridge is the bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, and at the same time.
It is also the world's first suspension bridge using steel wire. 1883 over 14 yearsCompleted and completed. This bridge is divided into two layers, the upper partYou can walk across.

■ Highline
High line
View from the high line. The Highline is an aerial park located on the west side of Manhattan, built using the previously used elevated railway line. The view is good because it is located in a high place. There are many attractions nearby, such as the Chelsea Market, which has many fashionable shops, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

■ Near Madison Square Park (Madison Square)
Empire State Building
The Empire State Building on the far right of the photo is a high-rise office building. There is an observatory that can be accessed by the general public, and you can overlook NY. On the far right is Madison Square Park, which is full of greenery and art. Colorful flowers are in full bloom in spring, and you can see a big Christmas tree in winter. The first Shake Shack store, which is also popular in Japan, is located in the park. Also in the immediate vicinity of Madison Square Park is Eataly, a popular market born in Turin, Italy. And although not shown in the photo, the Flatiron Building built in 1902, which was also used in the movie "Spider-Man" (Flatiron Building) Is also on the south side. The Flatiron Building is a National Historic Landmark.

■ Times SquareTimes Square 
Times Square is a downtown area in Midtown Manhattan, and is the busiest spot in New York where you can enjoy New York-like sights. The countdown pattern is broadcast all over the world, and it is a place that everyone has seen at least once. In addition, there are many theaters around Times Square, where you can enjoy the authentic Broadway.

■ Grand Central StationGrand Central Station 
Grand Central Terminal with a history of 100 years. It is a beautiful station with a classic atmosphere with constellations drawn on the ceiling. It has the largest number of platforms in the world and is used by 750,000 people a day. There are many shops inside the station, including the long-established seafood restaurant "Grand Central Oyster Bar" which also has a store in Shinagawa. There is also a whispering gallery where you can experience mysterious phenomena. It is also famous as a location for movies and dramas, and is used in numerous works such as "Fisher King", "Koi ni Ochite", "Men in Black" in movies, and "Gossip Girl" in dramas. ..

■ The Dakota, Dakota ApartmentsThe Dakota House John Lennon 
The Dakota House visited on December 8th, the anniversary of John Lennon's death. The Dakota House is a historic luxury apartment built in 1884 and was home to John Lennon and his wife. Many fans visit every day. The Dakota House's occupancy screening standards are said to be the strictest in New York, and it seems that you cannot move in simply because you have a lot of assets and income. Gene Simmons and Billy Joel didn't pass the examination.

Strawberry Fields 
Strawberry Fields located in Central Park near the Dakota House.It was built in 1985, the 45th birthday of John Lennon.Central Park is located in the heart of Manhattan, with 9,000 benches and 24,000 trees.It has a rectangular shape of 4km north-south and 0.8km east-west.It is a vast city park with many attractions. In addition to being a location for various movies and dramas, it has also appeared in music and novels.

■ Harlem

Harlem is an area located north of Manhattan (Upper Manhattan). It is the cultural and business center of African-American and home to the Apollo Theater, one of America's most prominent clubs. Founded in 1913, it became the only theater in NY to hire African-American entertainers in 1934. It seems that Buddy Holly first appeared on the stage as a white man in 1957, but due to his musicality, the promoter mistakenly asked for an appearance as an African-American, but the stage was well received.
The Amateur Night event, which has been held every Wednesday since 1934, is a gateway to professional performance with amateur singers and dancers. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, etc. also appeared. It seems that Ken Hirai and Ryuichi Sakamoto also appeared in Japanese.

New York Apollo TheaterApollo Theater.


Formerly an industrial area, Brooklyn has been reborn and becomes an area that has a unique culture that is different from Manhattan. Here, it is recorded for each area.

■ Williamsburg
Manhattan as seen from Domino Park in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is now said to be the hottest area in NY. It is an interesting place with many fashionable cafes, interior shops, vintage shops, and many art spots.

■ Sunset Park

Industry City Brooklyn 
Industry City, a new spot in Brooklyn's Sunset Park. It is a huge complex facility that has been renovated from a warehouse with 450 tenants. There are many shops such as apparel shops, general stores, furniture stores, and cafes and restaurants. There was also NY's first sake brewery, "Brooklyn Kula". There is also an event space in the courtyard. There is also a Japanese food court and Japan Village, which houses Japanese supermarkets. The rice balls I bought there were packed with ingredients and were delicious.

■ Green Point

Brooklyn Greenpoint Polish Street

Green Point is an area adjacent to Williamsburg and is home to many Polish immigrants. It is a calm city with a homely atmosphere. There is a long-established donut shop PETER PAN DONUT & PASTRY SHOP and a Polish restaurant. Also, in recent years, many creative young people have migrated, and there are many fashionable shops such as vintage shops and record shops.



I took a highway bus from New York and went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on a day trip. American Revolutionary War in 1776 was declared at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Independence HallIndependence Hall. If you apply for a free tour of the Independence Hall, you can enter with a guide and listen to explanations.

PhiladelphiaInside the World Heritage Independence Hall. The place where the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

You can also see the "Liberty Bell" that rang when the Declaration of Independence was read in the building opposite.

For lunch, I went to Reading Terminal Market, where local food is gathered. There are many restaurants and shops here, including one that sells "Philadelphia Cheesesteak" that originated in Philadelphia. Phillies cheese steak is a hearty sandwich made by stir-frying sliced ​​meat and vegetables and sandwiching it with cheese.

Reading Terminal MarketReading Terminal Market

A short walk on the subway, you will find the University of Pennsylvania, which holds a solid position as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Actually, my great-grandfather attended this university, so it was one of the places I wanted to visit. There were a lot of friendly squirrels at a cool university that became a picture.

University of Pennsylvania PhiladelphiaUniversity of Pennsylvania.

I left Japan at the end of October 2019 and toured the United States, which was the end of December. I decided to spend New Year's Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland. After this, we will go around Europe. I would like to write the continuation again.