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RockyMountainFeatherbed ChristyVest (Rocky Mountain Featherbed Christie Vest)

The Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed) is the most popular among the downs in the Rocky Mountain Featherbeds, but CHRISTY VEST (Christie's Best).Bottlers of the natural materials of the neck, and the ultimate down vest, which is a constant match for the heterogeneous combination of the York and Nylon, which is cut off by a single piece of rhetoric, is the ultimate best.

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This time,CHRISTY VEST (Christie's best) materials and why he is good at thermos, and I hope to touch on the size, the coordination, and the dressing-of-clothes.

 Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbed) is a common material for you to introduce.

○ 70 denale peculiar high denser nylontafta

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 This nylon is an essential part of the downware of the Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed).The materials were developed by 35SUMMERS over a decade ago.This is the original Nylontafter of the transcendentalismus, which has been researched from the acquisition of the trademark in 2005 and has arrived.It is now a thin, soft lightweight nylon, which is now a very thin, soft-lighter, taffy material.

While leaving the atmosphere at that time, the company succeeded in developing the materials that fit the quality of the current quality, and thanks to the development of the fabric, it became an opportunity for long-term collaboration with WAREHOUSE, which is famous for the manufacturing of goods, and expanded as a brand.

Also,The common nylontafta is generally waterproof by applying coating (coating of resin) to the surface, but its ventilation is lost.It is essential to secure the airflow for the downstream software.

To make up for this shortcomings Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed) nylontafter does not have a coating, and silly processing (down-out-of-the-buzzing) allows for air flow by 120 % increase in the number of traws, which is equivalent to 120 % increase in the amount of water to be coded.Also, because of the high density of the air, the air is through the air, but the feathers have made a structure that is difficult to leave on the surface.

● We can enjoy longtime changes, and one lone-yoke is a piece of razor.

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From the chest to the shoulders, the ox leather is made from one Piece, which is cut from one piece to the shoulder.The combination of tannin and chrome (which can have soft intensity) and chromium (which can be soft and strong) is used as a leather leather for a good cousin, leaving the natural atmosphere of the leather and the strength of the body.

 Rocky Mountain Featherlobed (Rocky Mountain featherbed), in a long relationship with Rocky Mountain Featherbed, is a very enjoyable element of the change in the Year of the Leatheryoke.

○ Mouton in lieu of muffler-natural material

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In a series of CHRISTY (Christie) series, there is a muon on the neck, and it warms the collar without a muffler even during the cold winter of winter.This Mouton, which is a very good example, is a natural wool of the United States, and it is natural, and it has personality.Therefore, it is interesting to find differences in facial expressions, such as the cursive hairs or the direct hairs depending on the season.

○ Natural down is amazing

Down Rocky Mounten

In a series called "Rocky Mountain Featherbed" (Rocky Mountain Featherbebed), HERITAGE is an updated version of the product that is updated to the modern version of the production process and reproduction of the time.Many of the current outdoor gear makers have been using their own down-size performance, such as premarloft and asbestos, to be used scientifically, but Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbed) uses all of the natural materials to be down.

The merit of natural down is inflated by air, which means that it has the fill power, which tends to be warmer and longer longer than the chemical fiber.

Also, because it is believed to be a natural enemy, because the inflate function of the air becomes degraded due to rain or other rain, it is perfect for outdoor wear because it is water-mashed down.(Please note that it is not meant for waterproof or rainy days).

The currently used down is a European duck down.The rate is 90 % down, and the feather is a lightweight 10 %, lightweight spec, and is a quality of 700 and outdoor environments for the inflated power of the down.

The larger the number of fill power, the more air it contains, and the heat-insulating effect of the large amount of air is more warmly warm and warm, and it is said to be a warm, good quality down.Down with more than 700 fill power, the down is in high quality, and it warms the heat from the body and keeps you in warm conditions.

In order to maintain the quality, we are going to launder down the country.

○ Do not use a downpack to reproduce the current process

Rocky Mountain Down

Rocky Mountain Featherbed ("Rocky Mountain Feathered") nylon material items do not use a downpack. I tried to reproduce the process at that time, so I tried to make sure that I could make it without a pack or something.And with the development of the original nylon, we succeeded in reproducing the method by enabling the construction of a structure that had little blowout of feathers while securing a path of air through the air.

In other words, it is directly down under the nylon.koThe advantage of this is that the weight can be lighter, and that the power of temperature will improve as it is felt near the body of the body.

(Downpacking is like a bag to wrap in order not to go down.)This can prevent the downpour and the nuke from close to 100 %, but there is a drawback that can reduce the downpacking of the downpits, as it can contain a downpour of the down principle.)

○ The button reproductivity is high

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According to the original rules at the time of Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed), DOWN VEST (down vest) is a dot button, and the Pearl button is used for CHRISTY VEST (Christie's best), and all these buttons are reinstating the shape of the geometry that has two winding curved lines.At first, this type was abandoned and only to finish this down product.It is being reproduced specially.

It's hard to notice, but I feel enthusiastic about the posture of not being able to get out of the way.In addition, the back of the pedestal is marked with an RMFB mark.

● It is easy to use two layers of pockets.

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The pockets on the left and right sides of the front side are separated from the inside of the two layers.One is like the handwomer, the other is closed in the bello, and the other is easy to use to put things in.In addition, the internal pocket of fasteners is used as a fastener for fasteners, both up and down, as seen in the vintage.

○ Size sense

 Rocky Mountain Featherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbed) is usually a 6-size expansion.36,38,40 and its size notation were also reproduced at the time, not in S. M. L notation.I am amazed at the fact that I have been doing this very well since then, but I have also inherited it here too.

While the small size setting is a wider choice for you, you can choose a small size, but on the other hand, you might have a hard time to know what size you would be able to choose.

In my experience, the size of the Japanese S in size is 36 or 38.The size of M is mostly 38, most of them are 38, and 40 is better than the size of the body.40 or 42 to wear the size of the L.I am wearing 42 in 180cm and 80kg.

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Image into gallery viewer, CHRISTY VEST-A ' r139

The Beige color TAN A super classic color in Rocky Mountain Featherbed. Denim, chinos, slacks, it is an easy-to-match color that can be worn in any style.

I think that the coordination tightens when the same color system is put somewhere on the coordinates, and the color of leather shoes and leather yoke is matched.

I'm writing a little more detail about the size, so please →Click here for size details


Rocky Mountain Featherbed is a product that exceeds the original by thoroughly researching the models of the time and reprinting and updating all the materials. First of all, I would like you to try this CHRISTIE VEST.

Christie VEST (Christie Best) is here.