Rockymountain featurbed cristyess.

The Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed) is the most popular in the Downwear of Christie vest (Christie vest). It is the ultimate down vest that combines the original material combination of the boa and nylon of the original material of the neck and the leather yoke of the neck.

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This timeI think that I can tell the charm by touching about the material of chesty vest (critique vest) and the reason why I am excellent in the heat retaining power, size feeling, coordination, and dressing.

 Rocky Mountain featherbed.

70 denier high density nylon taffeta

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 This nylon is essential to make down the Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed). 35 summers   This material was developed more than 10 years ago. It is the original nylon taffeta of the super confidence made by the research from the acquisition of trademark in 2005. It is a thin, soft and lightweight nylon material that is now different from the mainstream.

I succeeded in developing the material that matched the present quality while leaving the taste of the time, and this material development has made it a promotion of the long term collaboration with warehouse (warehouse), which is famous for manufacturing, and expanded as a brand.

AndThe general nylon taffeta can be waterproof by applying coating (resin) to the surface, but the permeability is lost. It is essential to ensure breathability for Downwear.

In order to compensate for this drawback, the nylon taffer of Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed) does not carry out coating and ensures breathability. In addition, the waterproof is equivalent to the coding by adding 120% more than the number of hits. Moreover, because it is high density, the air is passed, and feathers are able to come out on the surface.

Leather yoke / Leather yoke

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From the chest to shoulder, one piece is used as leather yoke. The combination of the combination of tannin (long lasting) and chrome (soft and strong) makes it a good take off leather with natural strength and softness.

 It is one of the most fun elements of this leather yoke.

Muffler of natural material


Chesty (Christie) series has a mouton on the neck and warms around the neck without a muffler even in cold winter. This is a natural wool native to America and has natural personality. Therefore, it is interesting that there is a difference in the expression such as curly hair, and close to straight hair.

Down the natural

Down Rocky Mountain

In the series called the sacred age of Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed), we have made an update to the current edition to make it and reproduce it at the time. In today's outdoor manufacturers, there are many things that are developing and using down equivalent performance, such as primaroft and cotton   Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed) uses all natural materials down.

Natural down Merritt tends to be warmer and longer lasting than chemical fibres, inflating by containing air, that is, fill power.

In addition, it is suitable for wearing in water repellent water down when it is wet down with rain or the like, and the swelling function of the air drops, so it is reduced to the natural enemy. Please note that this is not waterproof or rainy day

Currently down is duck duck down in Europe. The ratio is 90% and the feather is 10%, and the light weight specification is a super light weight specification, and the performance of the fill power that shows the bulge down is 700 and outdoor environment.

The higher the numerical value of the fill power, the more air is contained, the air insulation effect of the air contained in the air, it is said to be warm and good quality. With more than 700 fill power down, it is subject to high quality and heats the heat from the body and keeps it warm.

In order to maintain quality, we are washing down.

Do not use the downpack to recreate the production process at that time

Mountain Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed) nylon items are not available.   I tried to reproduce the manufacturing method at that time, so I tried to make it without any pack somehow. And, by developing the original nylon, the structure of the air was able to be secured while securing the road of the air, and it succeeded in reproducing the manufacturing method at that time.

That is, it is packing down directly under nylon. CatMerritt's point is that it can be lightened, and because it feels down in the vicinity of the body, the heat retaining power becomes very good.

( The down pack is like a bag wrapped up so that it does not spill down. By putting this, you can prevent the blowout and down of the down to 100%, but there is a disadvantage that it can be kept down down and the weight of the down pack comes out.)

Button reproduction

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According to the original rule of Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed), the dot button (down vest) is used for the dot button and the Christian vest (Christie vest) is made of pearl button All of these buttons reshape the shape of the shape of the two nails. At first this mold was dismantled and only to complete this down productSpecial reproduction.

It is hard to notice, but I feel enthusiasm in the posture that doesn't pull out even this neighborhood. In addition, the rmfb stamp is attached to the bottom of the pedestal.

2 layers of pocket easy to use

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The left and right pockets on the front are separated into two layers inside. It is perfect for putting things in hand warmer and the other side is closed with Velcro. In addition, the inner pocket with zipper adopts the zipper with the fastener in the upper and lower parts seen in vintage.

About size sense

 Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed) is usually 6 size expansion. 36, 38, 40 and size notation are reproduced in the same time. It is a surprise that this fine size expansion was done from then, but it is inherited here.

There is a small size setting for customers, and there are Merritt who can choose a size, but on the other hand, it is difficult to understand which size to choose.

For my experience, I would like to wear general Japanese s size, size 36 or 38. Most of them are 38, and 40 with good physique. Wearing the size L is 40 or 42. I wear 42 at 180 cm and 80 kg.

BEIGE TAN Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed). Denim, Chino, slices, and it is easy to fit in any style.

If you put the same color system or coordinate the color of leather shoes and leather yoke on the coordinate, the coordination will be tightened.

I have written a little more about sizeDetails of size


The Rocky Mountain featherbed (Rocky Mountain feather bed), which has become the product that exceeds the original, by thoroughly researching the model at the time and revising and updating all materials. First, I would like to try this Christian vest (Christie vest).

Christie vest (Christie vest).