RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbebed) 2021 Spring and Summer New Year's model, SWAGGER COAT (Swaggcoat Court).

The spring and summer model of 2021 has started to be launched.

RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Featherbed) Spring Outer is the SWAGGER COAT (Swaggcoat Court).

Until last year, the company had been using the CITY SWAGGER COAT, but has changed its name from this year to SWAGGER COAT (Swagga Court).The materials are new.

From 64 crosses until last year, it has been changed to nylon 100 %.This is a kind of nylon material, a tassel-shaped material, that makes it feel as if it is wearing a cotton-material-like coating-like coat with a soft texture of cotton.It is also expected to play an active role in the rainy day, as it has moderate hydrogenicity for nylon materials.

In the 2021 model, both the emerald green and the ink blue are two colors, both of which are in the same color.RockyMountainFeatherbed: It's also seen as a downline in the bed of the Rocky Mountain featherbed.I have a good texture of dough.

The changes to the dittir were made with a cool-max material mesh in the pockets.The use of mesh on the hand side of the hand has been used to increase the smooth ness of smooth and airflow.

Like last year's model, it is a long specification for a star-long silhouette that is tightly hidden down to the bottom of the knees.Thanks to the length of the length of the kimono, the knees are hard to get wet on the days of the rain, and they will be very active during the rainy season.

180 cm, 82kg, BLUE size L

City Swagger Court

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180cm, 82kgEMERALDSize L Wearing

CitySwagga Court

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We will continue to handle a continuous 64-cross model.

180cm, 82kg BEIGE size L

Swagga Coat Rocky Mountain

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180cm, 82kg ORANGE size L

CitySwagga Court Rocky Mountain

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In the spring and summer models of the rocky Mountain feathered, it is the most popular Swagger coat.Be sure to buy us when you have the same size.