RockyMountainfeatherbed History of Rocky Mountain Feather Bed

This time, I would like to introduce the history of rockyountainfever.
It is a story from the birth of the brand to the disappearance, and the revival.

Rocky Mountain

Birth of rockyountainenerbed

Rockymountain deposit was born in the 1960s at Jackson Hole, northwest of Wyoming, USA.
It is also known as the best ski resort of the United States, and it is the entrance point of Grand Teton National Park, and it is the world famous sightseeing spot.

USA Map rockymountainWyoming is located in the mountainous region of the western United States.

Wyoming rockymountainFlag of Wyoming

As well as the name of the brand, this is the area across the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are very vast, ranging from the northernmost part of British Columbia, Canada to the vicinity of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Because the total length of Japan is about 3000 km, it is far longer than that.

About founder

Cub SchafferMr. Mr.Wyoming national sports agency
Graduated from Outdoor Leadership School. NOLS in schools focused on techniques in activities in Mountainous Areas
Astronauts are also famous for training this NOLS. The training is very hard to get the power and leadership in the situation where the danger is under way, while training to move to the destination while changing the leader every day while the dangerous situation of the avalanche and the distress is pressed by the heavy load of the heavy load such as the winter mountain.

Cub after graduating from the school that produced such outdoor specialist SchffferHe starts making things.
It is a rocky mountain fetherbed which is thought to be an original element (nylon and down) and a hobby horse riding (Western York and leather), and this is a unique watermark.

RockymountainIt is rocky mountain.

From brand leaps to disappearance

It was around the late 1960s when cub schefffer started making things.
In 1974, we used Gore Tex which was the latest high-tech material at that time, and made the mountain Parker.

At this time, we started selling to the world, and in Japan, we went to the sports shop of the mountain climbing system, and we also sold it in the shop which is the predecessor shop of Anatomica which is handled in our shop in France.

However, brands disappeared in the late 1980s.
Rocky Mountain disappeared from the market.

Rockymountain storyGlobe poster. It is the mountain Parker of the mountain mountain of rocky mountain.


Brand name

From 2005 to 2005, rockyountainfetherbed revives again in 2005.
It was my former workplace. Since the twentieth century, Mr. teramoto started collecting Rocky Mountains, and now owns more than 100 pieces, and studied the fabric, attachment, and detail in order to refer to the enormous material. Rockyountainfetherbed has become the company's brand worldwide because it has acquired trademarks at the same time.

As of 2020, it has been widely deployed in Japan as well as in the birthplace of Japan and in more than 10 countries in the world, and has become the world's leading brand. Moreover, it has grown as a down brand, and not only traditional outerwear but also super lightweight inner down and various other items are born.

The history and the history of the Rocky Mountain feather bed were reported.

Here's a list of rockkyountainsistbeds.