Rocky Mountain Featherbed Jackson parka(ロッキーマウンテンフェザーベッド ジャクソンパーカ)

Super Convenient Rocky Mountain Jackson Parka (Jackson Parker) has arrived.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed Jackson Parka
Size: M / L
PRICE: 44,000 (TAX IN)

Rocky Mountain Jackson ParkerRed

Jackson Parker Kanagawa Rocky Mountain


Locky Mountain Court
・ Blue

The new Jackson Parka (Jackson Parka) from RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed) is the first appearance.

It is a super convenient item with a beautiful color but slightly faded, a relaxed silhouette, lightweight and waterproof specifications.

You can wear it without worrying about it even on a rainy day, and is perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

・ Developed the familiar moisture permeability waterproof material with GORETEX with original. that name as wellStormShutter (Storm shutter)

Rocky Mountain Gore -Tex

This hoodie uses original waterproof material made with the latest technology. Adopts the same three -layer fabric as GORETEX (Gore -Tex) familiar with waterproof jackets and coats. The fabric is three layers, and by sandwiching special materials between them, the humidity is escaped, but the wind and rain are excellent materials that can shut out.

In addition, seam tape is applied to various places, and waterproof measures are perfect. Although it is a very classic fabric feeling, it has the latest functionality, so I would like you to wear it as the strongest equipment on a rainy day.

・ A -line silhouette and plenty of voluminous construction, and for the size you want to wear now.

Rocky Mountain Kamakura

Not only the texture and coloring of the fabric, but also the size that can be worn roughly and roughly. Researched vintage outdoor brand shells and produced with original patterns and sizing. Because there is plenty of body width and length, it can be worn from the jacket style and outerwear. If you match the inner down inside, you can spend comfortably even in the middle of winter.

・ About size

In our shop, we have two sizes, M and L. Assuming that you can wear it inside for the fall and winter, we want to make it more relaxed, so we recommend M size for 175cm and L size for ~ 185cm.

・ We will propose a perfect piece for our customers in Earl Kamakura.

Earl Kamakura is a 10 -minute walk from Kamakura Station and is located opposite the popular teashop, Unbun. This is a select shop in Kamakura, which offers Rocky Mountain, Anatomica, Big Yank, Alden, and vintage wear.

Especially for Rocky Mountain and Anatomica, it is a manufacturer's franchise shop, making it the best store in Kanagawa Prefecture. We look forward to visiting customers from Yokohama, Kawasaki, Shonan area, and in the prefecture, and customers from outside the prefecture.

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