Rocky Mountain Featherbed GT FISHTAIL PARKA COMPLETE(ロッキーマウンテンフェザーベッド GTフィッシュテールパーカコンプリート)

A popular M65 Fish tail parca-completion line was received from the Grand Teton Line in Rocky Mountain, the Whirllee.

GT FISHTAIL PARKA COMPLETE (fish tail parka complex) is available from the high -end line of RockymountainFeatherbed, Grand Teton Collection.

The design source is the US military M65 Parker (Cold Weather Parker). It is also a model called mod coat or mod hoodie.

The M65 hoodie could be attached to food and liner, and was paid as a full set and combat uniform for cold areas. The liner is made of polyester batting and has the power of heat, but it is a little unsatisfactory in midwinter.

Therefore, in Rocky Mountain, the liner was created down, and the specification was changed to a specification that allows you to go out with confidence in midwinter.

I would like you to try a fish tail hoodie full of specialty.

◆ GT Fishtail Parka Comprete (Fish Tail Parker Complete)
Brand: RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)
PRICE: ¥ 198,000 Tax Included
Size: 38 (s) / 40 (m) / 42 (L)
Color: Olive / Air Force Blue
Origin: Made in Japan

Rocky Mountain M65 Fish tail hoodie olive
Olive product page isHere

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Fish Tail Parker Navy

The product page of Air Force BlueHere


The fabric uses a real vintage material, which is a release of the U.S. military. It is the fabric feeling that creates an atmosphere like a dead stock.

The batting can be mounted on a liner down with plenty of 700 fill power, a 700 -fill power that is good at the Rocky Mountain Feather Bed brand. The hood has a luxurious sheep, so you can remove all the liner down, the food, and the food sheep, so it is a full set in the middle of winter, and then change the contents according to the season. The period is expected to be active.

In addition, it has a reputation that it is very light even if you wear it in a full set, and it will be asked if it is really warm because of its lightness, but by wearing a liner down, it will be wrapped in a downturn like wearing a sleeping bag. You can experience the warmth. There is a down area around the sleeves and the bottom of the buttocks, so I would like you to use it in the cold winter season.

Rocky Mountain Fish Tail Liner Down

The olive has orange liner down.

RockymountainFeatherbed GT FISHTAIL PARKA

Off -white for Air Force BlueLiner down is attached.


It was very popular last year, and it was sold out immediately, and I think that it is an item that many people have been missed. We have received many inquiries this year, so please try it before the size is gone.


● Earl Kamakura is a select shop within a 10 -minute walk from Kamakura Station.

Earl Kamakura is a specialty store of Rocky Mountain Feather Bed. The owner has been involved in the brand for nearly 10 years and is familiar with the size and the characteristics of the product, so we will guide you to the size that fits everyone.

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed is the largest store in Kanagawa Prefecture. We hope that everyone in the prefecture, such as Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Shonan areas, and everyone from outside the prefecture can visit. We look forward to many visitors.

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