# 03 UK Trip

Following “# 02 Road Trip America”, I would like to write a trip to the UK this time. I spent about two weeks in London until the end of the year, including Christmas 2019, and went sightseeing in Bath on a day trip. Please have a look if you are interested.

London → Bath


I flew from NY to London Heathrow Airport in England. Like NY, London was in the middle of the holiday season, and the city was shining with illuminations.


London Christmas Market

I wrote down the tourist spots in London roughly by area.

Around Westminster (Westminster)

■ Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, a British royal palace with a site of about 10,000 tsubo. It is often featured in the media, such as the royal family greeting on the balcony during a royal wedding. There are more than 750 rooms in the palace, with as many as 500 people working, and in the summer, a part of the palace is open to the public while Queen Elizabeth and others are on vacation in Scotland.
It is also famous for being able to see the changing ritual of the guards in black hats in the well-known red clothes (wearing a gray coat in winter). At the time of the shift ceremony, it is as crowded as the morning rush in Tokyo, but it is a moving thing.
By the way, when the royal flag is raised on the roof of the palace, it means that the king or queen is at home, and the British flag indicates that he is absent.

■ Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The Anglican Church in Westminster, London, is a World Heritage Site. Royal events such as coronations are held, and many successive kings, queens and politicians are buried in the inner walls and floors. It seems that the graveyard is already full.
This church is adjacent to the Parliament Building (Palace of Westminster). The scale of the opening and closing chimes used in many schools and workplaces is said to be based on the "Westminster Quarters" composed for the temple in 1927.

Elizabeth Tower

Big Ben London
Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, is the nickname for the Great Time Bell on the clock tower attached to the Palace of Westminster. The bell first rang on July 11, 1859, at the historic clock tower. The bell rings at noon every day, but unfortunately I couldn't hear the bell during the repair work this time. It is scheduled to be constructed until 2021.

Around Knightsbridge

■ Harrods

Harrods London

Harrods is the largest long-established luxury department store in the United Kingdom. It has a long history, and its founder, Charles Henry Harrod, used his experience in running clothing stores and grocery stores to open the foundation store of today's department stores in 1834. Over the years, it has expanded in scale and is now known as the "department store."
Harrods bears welcome you everywhere in the store. "Winnie the Pooh" is said to have been inspired by Harrods teddy bears. In addition, the tea corner and food court are a masterpiece.

Around Kensington (Kensington)

■ Victoria and Albert Museum / V & A 

Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a national museum in the United Kingdom with a huge collection of 4 million pieces covering a wide range of contemporary art, antiquities from various countries, crafts, and design.
Works of various genres such as sketches written by Raphael, a painter representing the Renaissance period, the collection of the British royal family in the 1500s and 1700s, the world's most famous Persian rugs, Rococo dresses, and Leonardo da Vinci's notebook. You can appreciate it.

Victoria and Albert Museum
In the fashion corner, many clothes are displayed along with explanations by age, and you can feel the history and fashion of the time. You can also see exhibits by London-born fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

London Museum
In the jewelry corner, many jewelry are lined up by age group and role from the ancient Greek era to the present day.

The museum is full of other attractions such as a collection of pottery and glass, and a collection of furniture. The V & A CAFE inside the building is designed by famous designers such as William Morris. Many good-looking products are sold at the shops in the building.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Further south from here, in the area of ​​Chelsea, is Vivienne Westwood's Worlds End Shop. Vivian, along with Malcolm McLaren in 1971,Let it Rock ”The shop was opened, and the following year, "Changed to "Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die", 1974Changed the store name to "SEX". Punk rock band with Malcolm in 1975,SProduce ex Pistols. members areI was a SEX employee and a regular customer.
In 1976, the store name was changed to “Seditionaries” and in 1980 it was changed to the current “World's End”.

Vivienne Westwood Main Store
A large clock that serves as a landmark is hung outside this shop. The watch has up to 13 dials and the hands rotate in the opposite direction. The reason is that when Vivian and others adopted the Pirates look in search of a new movement, the image of Pirates sailing the end of the world in search of more freedom was drawn.At the end of the world, there are up to 13 clock dials, and the story is that the clock is rotating in the opposite direction.

■ Garden Lodge

Freddie Mercury House

The mansion where Freddie Mercury of Queen, a legendary rock band that has been loved for generations, spent from 1980 until his death. After his death, his former lover and best friend Mary Austin lives. The wall is so high that I can't see anything, but it's a mansion.

■ Portobello Road Market

Notting hill

Portobello Market, the largest antique market in London.
On Portobello Road in Notting Hill, which is also famous as the setting for "Notting Hill's Lover", the market is open for 2km every day except Sunday. There are many permanent antique shops and vintage shops, but Saturday, when the number of stores is large, is the most exciting. There is also a food area, making it a fun place to eat while walking.

Around Covent Garden (Covent Garden)

■ National Gallery

A historic museum founded in 1824 on Trafalgar Square in London. It holds more than 2,300 works from the mid-13th century to 1900.

National Gallery London
Piero della Francesca "The Baptism of Christ"

National Gallery London
Diego Velázquez "Venus with a Mirror"

Johannes Vermeer "Lady Standing at a Virginal"

Van Gogh sunflowers
Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers"

Many famous paintings such as Sandro Botticelli's "Mars and Venus", Leonardo da Vinci's "Virgin of the Rocks", Michelangelo Buonarroti's "The Entombment of Christ" and Henri Rousseau "Tropical Storm with Tigers" Can be seen up close.

■ Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square London
 This square was created in 1805 to commemorate the British victory in the battle with the French-Spanish Combined Fleet. Nowadays, various gatherings and events are often held, and the Christmas market was held on the day I stopped by.
The tallest statue is the memorial pillar of Admiral Nelson. It is said that this statue was erected to honor the achievements of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was killed in the battle. Also,The lion statue in the plaza became a model for the lion statue in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.

■ Liberty London

Liberty London

Liberty London, the world-famous sacred place of Liberty print. It is a long-established department store that opened in 1875.
A collection of stylish clothing, miscellaneous goods, furniture, etc., and the interior is wonderful, just walking around is fun. There is also a Liberty print by measure.

■ China Town

Chinatown London
Europe's largest Chinatown is located in London. From the history of Hong Kong being a British colony, you can enjoy authentic dim sum. In addition to Chinese food, you can enjoy Asian food such as Japanese food, Korean food, and Vietnamese food.

■ British Museum

British Museum

British Museum

It is one of the largest museums in the world and has a collection of 8 million items (about 150,000 items are on permanent display). A wide collection of archaeologically valuable artifacts, works of art and books.

Rosetta Stone
The Rosetta Stone was created in Egypt in the 2nd century BC and was discovered at the end of the 18th century. The sacred letters (hieroglyphs) are engraved on the top, the civil letters (demotic) are engraved on the middle, and the Greek letters are engraved on the bottom.

In addition to this, the collection of mummies and the sculptures of the Parthenon in Greece, Elgin Marbles, are on display.
I can't go around in a day.

■ Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market

It is a market in central London with many shops, and it is a place where many people can enjoy everything from shopping to gourmet food. Covent Garden is also famous as the setting for My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn.

■ Apple Market

Apple Market London

It is a market in Covent Garden. Antiques are on sale on Mondays, and art and handmade accessories are on sale on other days.

■ No. Tom Guitars

Sex Pistols House

No. Tom GuitarsUpstairs of the vintage guitar shop was home to members of the Sex Pistols, an iconic group of punk and new wave movements that emerged in London in the late 1970s. It seems that Johnny Rotten's graffiti remains in the room. The building was built in the 17th century and is designated as an important building.

King's Cross (King's Cross)

■ King's Cross Station Platform 9¾

Harry Potter platform

It is the first train of the Hogwarts Express bound for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft in the blockbuster movie "Harry Potter".King's Cross Station Platform 9¾. Many people were lined up for a commemorative photo. You can shoot with a cane and robe, and there is a shop next door.

Around Liverpool Street station

■ Brick Lane

Brick Lane London

Brick Lane is an area with a different atmosphere than central London. It is decorated with vibrant street art and is lined with many vintage shops.

In this area, every Saturday there is a market for crafts called Backyard Market, and every Sunday there is a market called Sunday Upmarket where you can enjoy international cuisine.

In addition, there is the Old Spitalfields Market about 5 minutes on foot from Brick Lane. This market is a historic market that has been around since the 17th century. Many stalls are lined up, and various street shops are lined up to surround them. The daily stalls sell a variety of local designer accessories, clothing, shoes, and specialty products from around the world. There will be an antique market on Thursday and a record market on the first and third Fridays.

■ Drake's Factory Store


About a 5-minute walk from Old Street Station, which is north of Liverpool Street Station, there is a Drakes factory store that is also available at ANAOMICA. There was a Drakes headquarters, a showroom, a factory, and a direct sales shop, and many products and products that could be purchased at a good price, such as sample products and B products, were also sold.

Around St. John's Wood Station

■ Abbey Road(Abbey Road) 
Abbey Road London

Abbey Road is famous for the 1969 album "Abbey Road" by Abbey Road Studios and The Beatles.
Since being used on the Beatles cover, this pedestrian crossing has become a popular shooting spot. However, Abbey Road has a relatively heavy traffic volume, so tourists take pictures and it seems that there is always traffic jam during the day.
Also, the road signs on Abbey Road were frequently soiled and stolen, so they were moved to a higher position on the corner building.

■ Abbey Road Studios (Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios
Abbey Road Studios is right next to Abbey Road. The BeatlesPink Floyd, Hollies,It is famous for recording by The Shadows and others. The Beatles fans leave graffiti on the wall here, so they are forced to repaint the wall every three months.


I took a highway bus to the berth on a day trip from London. Since hot springs have been springing up in this area since BC, it was named "Bath", which means bath in Germanic. Bath developed as a hot spring resort under Roman rule around the 2nd century. The entire city is a World Heritage Site and is known for having the only hot springs in England.

■ The Roman Bath

 Roman Baths United Kingdom

The Roman Baths, a hot spring complex built by the Romans about 2000 years ago.It was a sacred space where people not only sweat in the bath and sauna, but also socialize and pray to the gods.
This facility has been the center of people for 400 years from about 2000 years ago, but after the Romans withdraw, it will no longer be used and will be buried underground. In the 18th century, it was reconstructed by archaeological discoveries and became a hot spring resort for the wealthy. It is now open to the public as the Roman Baths Museum.
Not only hot springs and pools, but also facilities such as floor heating, massage rooms, and steam baths have been found, giving a glimpse of the Romans' passion for hot springs.
The hot springs are still welling up and you can visit them.

■ Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is located in the center of the city, near the Roman Baths. Founded as a monastery in the 7th century, it has been used as a church from the 1860s to the present.

■ Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge Bath

The Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon, which runs through the city of Bath with its beautiful triple arches, was designed in the 18th century. There are many shops and restaurants on both sides of the bridge. This place is used in the movie "Les Miserables" where Javert, dressed as Russell Crowe, throws himself into the Seine.

■ The Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent Bath

The Royal Crescent was built by British architect John Wood in the 1700s over eight years. With a total length of 180 meters, it is a beautiful apartment house with 30 houses connected to form a curve.


For about two weeks in London, I was immersed in museums every day. I went all over the vintage shops and markets, and the days went by in a blink of an eye. However, in London for Christmas, public institutions have stopped and few shops are open. The next day, the 26th, is a holiday called Boxing Day, and many shops will continue to be closed until the beginning of the year, so the city will be quiet at once. That's why I also spent a relaxing time near the hotel from Christmas.

By the way, the night before Christmas, I went to London's popular Indian curry restaurant "DISHOOM". It seems that actor Toma Ikuta used to go there while studying abroad.


Before January, I flew to Edinburgh, Scotland, and spent the New Year's Eve in Edinburgh. I would like to update the continuation again.