WAKOUWA sneakers have been received.

WAKOUWA is the brand name of the "Dukes" brand, which was launched in 2008 as the Anatomia sports record.

WAKOUWA is a Swiss toy brand.Why did the brand of toys become sneakers?There was a story about two dogs.

The first is WAKOUWA, which made toys that were imitated by dogs.
WAKOUWA is a Swiss manufacturer that manufactured and sold wooden toys that imitated animals such as dogs and cats.In the 1950s, Pierre Pierre of Anatmika looked at WAKOUWA at a Christmas display at a department store in Paris, where he was a young boy.I wasn't able to get it at that time, and after I was an adult, I bought a WAKOUWA toy in a flea market, but I bought it, but I didn' t use it for a while, and I didn' t use it.WAKOUWAThe brand is registered as a brand and is a brand of itself.

The second dog story is in WAKOUWA's use of Spellisol.
In the beginning, the project was launched to create a sneaker for canvas with Saul, which was nicknamed the Saul-Saul-Saul, which was hard to slip, along with the 35SUMMERS who was partnered to release the first denim of ANATOMICA (Anatomia).

Saul's birthplace began when the captain, named Paul Speley, created a Duckius, which used out-Saul, which he developed with a hint at his own dog's balls.Mr. Sperry thought that the grit of the dog could be used when the dog's bulb was spread by looking at the fact that only the dog could not glide on the wet yacht decks.

A brand named WAKOUWA was born with a dog named WAKOUWA and a brand named WAKOUWA, with a combination of Swiss dog toys and the story of Spelly's dog.

The WAKOUWA, which was established in this way, was completed with the development of the original lust, which was produced 12 times, and the time of about three years.The characteristic of this wooden form is the "asine-oriented straight outcurve" characteristic of the oesopedic shoe (medical shoe for medical correction).In other words, it is suitable for the original shape of the human leg, and the shoe itself is fixed in the first part of the piece, and the stressfree footwear is formed by the drop of the fingertips.

In addition, with the use of the Vulcanized method, which now produces less mass production, the sneaker's canvas is not sewn together by sewing the Upper and Rubber Saul; instead, it is a soft footwear that is closer to the bare feet by making it pressure.

WAKOUWA's sneakers have been able to measure their feet by measuring the size of their feet in order to feel the best of their best footwear, and let them sell them for sale.

Customers who have not yet measured their feet, have been able to measure their feet once, and they are recommended to purchase and sell their products afterwards.

A new color appeared in the spring and summer of 2021.The orange, spring, yellow color gold, and the third color of the Tan, which is also the theme color of the art, are also the color of the art.