[13% off for all products] will be held. / We Are Going to Hold Opening Event of "Dispose 13% for All"

A'R139 Kamakura celebrates the opening of online shop,
We will hold an event of 13% off all products, with only our customers who will use our shop.

This opportunity is not good at this opportunity because it is also applicable to the new down vest of Rocky Mountain Feather Bed and Marilyn 1, 2 of Anatomica.

● Period: November 3-December 6 (Sunday)
It is a discount event for customers who use our shop first.

● How to receive a discount?

Coupon Code: AR139KAMAKURA

From a PC: Put the product in a cart and enter the following coupon code on the paid screen of the cart screen right, 13% off the total amount.
Coupon Code AR139 Kamakura

From Mobile:After placing the product in the cart and proceeds to the purchase procedure, open the coupon input tab of the Cart screen TOP coupon input screen will be the coupon code entry screen, so it will be applied to discounted if you enter it.
Coupon Code Mobile AR139 Kamakura


This isA'R139 Kamakura Store.

We Are Going to Hold Opening Event of "Discount 13% for all "To Our First Time Customers From 3rd-November-2020.

● SALE PERIOD: From 3RD-NOVEMBER ~ 6th-december

● How To Get Discount?

Please Kindly Put The Cart, and Type Coupon Code as Below.

After compared to the We Discount 13% from Amount Price.

The Coupon Code: AR139KAMAKURA


A'R139 KAMAKURA 온온 토토개점 개점개점 를를 를개최합합합합.

11 월 3 일 부터 온 온온 터으 용상품 는객님 한객님 한으 전상품 상품상품 한할 한으 으으 전상품 상품상품 할할 한으 벤으 상품상품 할합 할할 벤으 벤상품 상품상품 할합 할할 벤으 를상품 를합 할합 할 벤으 벤상품 를합합합 벤으 를상품 합합합합 벤으

● 간간: 11 월 3 일 ~ 12 월 6 일

할할 을 받는
상품 을 장바구니 에 담아 주시고 결제 화면 에서 아래 쿠폰 코드 를 입력 하시면 총액 에서 13% 할인 됩니다.

쿠폰쿠폰코: AR139KAMAKURA