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Jungle fashion
It is said that there is a lot of days in which the maximum temperature exceeds 20 degrees in Kamakura this week.
The trees of tsurugaoka hachimangu shrine and gengayama park have been colored a little, but they seem to be a little ahead.

This is one of us recommended by this week.
In our shopWe are dealing with the dead stock of 4th model of US Army junior factory jacket manufactured in the late 1960's.
This time I put this yellow chrome 1950 shirt shirt. The worn pants become a traditional ceremony pants made of scottard. I arranged the yellow of the shirt and pants together.

It is still early to wear a coat, but it feels relieved that there is a little feather in the morning and evening. At such a timeUS Army junior Festival jacket
Also, I think that it is a very versatile one because it arranges it to the style with the style according to the way of alignment, of course, not only the coordination of the unnatural atmosphere from the military. Please enjoy various clothes.

Worn goods

US Army juggling