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In Kamakura this week, the winter cold will continue with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees or less and a maximum temperature of 15 degrees or less.

At Hase-dera Temple, the best time to see the autumn leaves is reached, and special nighttime viewings are held. From sunset until closing time at 18:30, you can enjoy the illuminated autumn leaves.

Well, the first place of this week is DOWNJACKET (down jacket) of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed).

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Down Jacket Corde

RockyMountainFeatherbed's DOWNJACKET was paired with a sweatshirt and denim amechanic coordinates.

The red scarf of Drakes was put on the collar to make a point, and the yoke part of the down jacket and the color of the leather shoes of Alden (Olden) were matched to coordinate.

The cold days will continue, so please stay warm.

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DOWN JACKET / RockyMountainFeatherbed