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In Kamakura this week, the maximum temperature is about 10 degrees, and the lowest temperature is about -1 degrees. It's cold in winter.

The special nighttime visit event of Hasedera in Kamakura is scheduled until this weekend, so please keep warm and go out.

This week's first one is light and warm [RockyMountainFeatherbed's DOWN JACKET].

Rocky Mountain Court

Match an ANATOMICA navy turtleneck knit with VINTAGE ceremony pants and wear DOWN JACKET from RockyMountainFeatherbed to keep warm.

It is a coordination based on navy.

The shoes are dressed together in Olden black to match the yoke part of DOWN JACKET.

Because a cold day continues, please spend it warmly everyone so as not to catch a cold.

■Products worn

DOWN JACKET / RockyMountainFeatherbed