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This week is finally Christmas. How are you going to spend your time?

In the vicinity of Kamakura, Enoshima Station, Kamakura High School Mae Station, and Shichirigahama Station's Enoden 3 stations are decorated with illuminations. In addition, it is said that an annual event called Enosu Christmas is held at Shin-Enoshima Aquarium.

This week's first place is RockyMountainFeatherbed(Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)CHRISTYJACKET (Christie Jacket).

Christie Jacket

Vintage yellow knits and ceremony pants combined with RockyMountainFeatherbed(Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)CHRISTY JACKET(Christie Jacket)I wear, and finished it in a gorgeous coordinate like the holiday season. By wearing a Christie jacket, you can stay warm even if you spend a lot of time outside.

Please keep warm and have a merry Christmas.

■Products worn

CHIRSTY JACKET / RockyMountainFeatherbed