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Christmas is over and at last the end of 2020 is about to end.

This year has been a rare year in the world.Ladies and gentlemen, I was really tired.

Since the year-end and New Year holidays are likely to be severe across the country, we hope you will not have a cold, such as a cold, because you have a cold weather.


Now, this week's glue is the GT Fishtail Parka Complete of RockyMountainFeatherbed (Rocky Mountain featherbed).

Rocky Mountain Fish Tale

It looks good and functional.This is a very small one.

I'm with a downliner, so the cold weather is a batter.
If you get warmer, you can remove a liner and wear it, and you can wear only a liner, so you can wear only a liner, so you can wear a liiner and get out of your clothes.

You can also get out of the Seapmuon, which is attached to the hood hood.

And the doughSince it is a GORE-TEX (Goatex), it will also be active in a snowy day or even a snowy day.

This time, M52 CHINO DEADSTOCK has been added to the GT Fishtail Parka Complete.The shoes were both worn by Alden (Alden) and coordinated with the same pedigal colors.

(Wearing Products)

GT Fishtail Parka Complete/RockyMountainFeatherbed



Thank you very much for taking care of this year.

For the next fiscal year, we will continue to meet A-r139 (Earl of Kamakura) for my best wishes.Ladies and gentlemen, please take a good year.