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It seems that winter-like days will continue this week as well.
Suddenly, I love winter. I think it's good to have winter again when you take a futon, take a bath, or have a hot pot. The feeling of wearing clothes is also the best. How about everyone?

By the way, this week's first outfit is the DOWN VEST of Rocky Mountain Featherbed, which is warm like a futon.

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed

I wore a Champion reverse weave 1980's hoodie that was the same color as the body of the down vest. The pants are VINTAGE Soviet army pants. I wore Alden leather shoes, which are the same color as the yoke part of the down vest, for a simple coordination.

■ Items worn

DOWN VEST / Rocky Mountain Featherbed

Champion hoodies and Soviet army pants are on sale at A'r139 Kamakura stores.

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