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Following last week, there seems to be a cold day when the maximum temperature does not reach 10 degrees if there is a warm day this week, too.

It is a time when it is difficult to adjust clothes, such as approaching spring or going back to winter.

This week's first place is RockyMountainFeatherbed's CITY SWAGGER COAT.

Rocky Mountain Feather Bed

Based on the famous outdoor vintage of the 1990s, it is a single coat that can be used all year long with plenty of length and volume.

Because there is a width, I do not choose clothes to wear inside. Therefore, it is active for a long time from the coming season when it becomes heavy in the winter court to the time of the rainy season.

In addition, water repellency is64 cloths are used, so you can rest assured even on rainy days.

This time, I put CITY SWAGGER COAT on a thick sweatshirt. Match the colors of pants and sneakers for a simple look.

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CITY SWAGGER COAT / RockyMountainFeatherbed