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11 outfit of the week

A week has passed since the grand opening of a'r 139 Kamakura. I can meet many customers and talk with you and I am full of gratitude every day. Everyone, thank you.

It is said that the temperature of the lowest temperature is about 5 degrees and the maximum temperature is about 10 degrees in Kamakura this week. Please warm everyone.

This week's ekide suede sneaker.


Eksi'sIt is a Russian hockey brand.

I think that it is a silhouette similar to the adidas sneaker.
The reason isEksi'sBecause of the license agreement of Adidas until the 1990s, it was made by Russia.

During the 1980 Russian Olympics, the country's products made by their players became explosive popularity in Russia. But Russia is very strict in regulation of importsIncludingGoods in western countries never went to market.
Based on the background, Russian made by Adidas was produced in Japan.

The color is near Dark Navy. In a very classic form, the raised suede is elegant.

This is a long coat of women's Royal Navy service (WRNS) made in 1979. The pants combined the 1960's East germline works pants stores and coordinated in one tone.

Worn goods

Suede sneakerEksi's

1960's East Gerry works

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