CITY SWAGGER COAT of the new constant seller arrived from Rocky Mountain Featherbed.

Length and the voluminous feel that I fully did that modern extract was added to a bass in excellent outdoor vintage of the 1990s are exquisite coats.
It is the coat which is available in mild comfort lightly in whole year.

Because 64 crosses with the water repellency are used to cloth, you can wear it as a raincoat. I protect a body from rain at the long length to a knee.

As for the food, disassembly is easily possible with a snap button.
It becomes the convertible collar court when I remove it, and an impression changes completely. I can cope with the formal scene.

A word to have a meaning "striding" along with スワッガー. It is special one piece to only put quickly on the day of the proper appearance on a rainy day, and to look good on the day when it was fine.


A dessert beige color is military color for desert, the wastelands.
Because it is a basic color, a mix-and-match power is distinguished. ON-OFF one piece to be able to rely on that I can wear without asking it.
I create a refined atmosphere.




The bright color that ORANGE gets a lot of looks suddenly.
It is an orange adopted by a fire brigade, the relief squad.

This color that it is easy to match unexpectedly is most suitable for the accent color of coordinates.
The feeling becomes bright when I wear it.