Gift Wrapping

Arr Kamakura gift wrapping information

In Earl Kamakura, we accept gift wrapping for a fee (110 yen including tax). Please use it for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal events, etc.

Earl Kamakura gift wrapping

It is a simple wrapping in orange colors. The attached card can also be used as a message card.
We will also enclose a handbag bag for carrying paper.

Click here for the gift wrapping product page

How to order gift wrapping

Put the product you want for a gift wrap and a gift wrapping in the cart and proceed to the purchase.


If you purchase a gift wrapping product and a product that does not require a gift wrapping at the same time, please tell us by email or telephone.

At the time of delivery, an invoice with the amount of money is enclosed. If you do not need an invoice, please tell us by email or telephone.

If you have any other questions or consultations, please feel free to contact us.