How to measure the size of the bangle

The Indian Jewelery Bangle is a very versatile item that can be added to your everyday clothes to tighten your coordination and become a tool to inspire yourself.

It's even better if it's the right size for you.

Here, we will introduce how to measure the size of the bangle.

The bangle is [inner circumference + opening = circumference of your wristAbout +3-4 mm] Is said to be the appropriate size.

Bangle size measurement

■ What to prepare

Elongated paper (thick string can be used as a substitute), tape, ruler, pen

How to measure the bangle

1. 1. Wrap the paper around the part you want to attach the bangle to. It is easy to measure if the beginning of winding is fixed with tape.

Bangle measurement method

2. It is neither loose nor cramped, and with a tight fit, mark the overlapping areas of the paper with a pen.

How to measure the bangle

3. Measure from the edge of the paper to the marked part with a ruler. Its length is the circumference of your wrist.

How to measure the bangle

Also, if you have a thin and soft tape measure, you can easily measure it.

Bangle size

If you measure it like this, you can find the perfect bangle for you.

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