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Flow of the order

Completion of the order
Arrival of the order confirmation email

Arrival of the shipment completion email
Arrival of the product

※I send an order confirmation email, a shipment completion email to the e-mail address that had you register. Sorry for your inconvenience but, please refer to our store by any chance when you do not arrive.

※Because I list the chase number of a delivery supplier, the product, a shipment completion email can identify the delivery situation of the product.

※When a product does not arrive at hand even if it is past a delivery due date, I am sorry, but, please refer to our store or delivery supplier.

About the change of order contents

I cannot accept the changes of exchange, order contents of a color, the size of the product in a system after the purchase about the change of order contents. In the case of the order, I would like the confirmation of order contents.