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Name of the company for sale
A'r139 Kamakura

General Manager of Operations
Satoshi Suzuki

Where are you?
〒248-0011 Ogigaya 1-3-9, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number

E-mail address

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How do I pay?
Credit card
Credit cards can be used with VISA/MASTER/AMERICAN EXPRESS.The price will be automatically debited from the designated account in accordance with the terms and conditions of each card company.

What is PayPal?
You can only trade with your ID and password by registering your credit or debit card or setting up your bank direct debit. You can use it without having to tell the payment information to the shop side.
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Apple PayGoogle Pay Shop Pay
You can use each of them. The date and time of the debit depend on the date of the end of the registered credit card, the contents of the contract, etc. Please contact your card company.
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What is Google Pay?
What is Shop Pay?

Required amount other than the price of goods
If the order amount is less than 15,000 yen excluding tax, the shipping fee is 800 yen. (Hokkaido and Okinawa: 1,500 yen))
For purchases made from overseas, all costs (shipping, customs duties, etc.) in the delivery of the product will also be borne by the customer.
For purchases from overseas, customs duties, other import taxes, and customs regulations may be imposed on purchased products at the time of customs in the receiving country.
In that case, it will be all borne by the customer, so please pay directly to the delivery company at the time of delivery.
Guidelines and policies for general visits vary from country to country. For more information, please contact your receiving country's customs office.

Shipping of goods 
In the case of Japan, we will deliver it within 5 business days from the usual order.
If the delivery is delayed, we will contact you by e-mail separately.

How to hand over the goods
After arrangement at our company, delivery by the shipping company

Returns and defective products
We do not accept returns or exchanges due to interpretation of product descriptions, differences in opinions, or customer circumstances.
If you receive something different from the product you ordered, or if the product has been damaged or soiled due to a transportation accident, please contact us by e-mail or phone within 8 days after the arrival of the product.
About the return shipping fee
If there is an initial defect of the product, we will bear the postage, and we will respond by exchange or return.
About the return destination
248-0011 Ogigaya, Kamakura, Kanagawa 1-3-9
A'r139 Kamakura
Tel: 0467-37-5724