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1940's Scottish Kilt Jacket

1940's Scottish Kilt Jacket

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Item: Scotish Kilt Jacket

Color: OLIVE

Fabric: Tweed (Wool)

Orign: Made in Edinburgh

Condition: USED

This is a quilt jacket in the 1940s. Quilt jacket is a Scottish traditional costume, and the quilt skirt of the check pattern is worn by parade and ceremony.

The fabric is a beautiful olive british tweed with a thick and politely woven. Tags include Highlads & Islands Hand Woven Tweed, and use high-quality wool of highland regions, and are carefully woven tweed materials. It is a very old thing, but it is a good fabric with no faded goods.

A short silhouette of a longitudinal jacket. The hem of the back is sidervents. The flap and cuffs of the front pocket of the mountains are decorated, and quilted-jacket-specific funny details are packed. All buttons are wooden.
Very classic and smart jacket.

Since the length is short, you can wear it well by combining with deep high waist pants.

There is dirt near the right sleeve.


■ This is a vintage product here. It may have dirt and damage by longstanding use and storage. These conditions are asked to understand in advance as a vintage old handwise characteristic and purchase.

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