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WW II USMC 1940's Shirts Deadstock

WW II USMC 1940's Shirts Deadstock

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Item: WW I. USMC 1940's Shirts (1940s USMC Shirt)

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Origin: Made in USA

Material: 100% COTTON

This is the USMC summer shirt, which was paid in the 1940s. USMC is an abbreviation of United States Marine Corps, and refers to the American Marine Corps.

Simple design with two pockets with flap in the chest.

A thin cotton is adopted and is a lightly dressed comfortable.

The shoulder and sides are sewed double-stitched, and the collar stand has a polite and robust, with four stitches.

All buttons are Bakelite buttons.

Size is about the XS to Size of Japanese men. Because it is a small size, you can wear it with a good woman.

Because of the dead stock, paper tags are about.


■ This is a dead Stock Vintage product. There may be a long-awareness of storage, some scratches, dirt, marking, etc. We ask these conditions for your focus on the characteristics of the dead stock vintage and purchase.

■ It may differ slightly from the real thing by the browser and personal computer browsing environment regarding the image of the published product. Please be aware in advance.
■ About the Product
The Product in the image is a sample.actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. May Be Slightly Different.

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