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1950's US Army M51 Field Jacket

1950's US Army M51 Field Jacket

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ITEM: 1950S US Army M51 Field Jacket (US Army M51 field jacket)

Size: No notation (probably Small-Short)

Color: Olive

Material: 100% Cotton

Origin: Made in USA

Condition: USED

This is the 1950s US Army M1951 Field Jacket (US M51 Field Jacket). It is commonly known as the M51 jacket and was adopted by the US military in 1951. Until the successor M65 series came out, it was a flagship jacket for the cold regions of the U.S. military.
It is also famous for its Woody Allen worn at the movie Annie Hall, and it is a super famous product that various brands sampled.

◎ Details and silhouettes
The front is a specification that opens and closes with a zipper fly (Talon) and a button. There are four flap pockets on the front.
Compared to the M65 field jacket, the M51 field jacket has a neat impression because it does not have a built -in hood.
The shoulder has an epolette and an action pleated on the arm. The sleeve comes with an adjuster that can be adjusted with a button.
A drawcord is built in the waist and hem, and the silhouette changes by squeezing.
The length is easy to incorporate as an outerwear, and the balance between the width of the body and the moderate amount of room is good, and I think that it is an item that is easy to incorporate into everyday clothes among US military outerwear.
Since it was a wild warfare for the cold area, it is possible to attach a dedicated liner inside.

◎ fabric
The fabric is 100%thick cotton fabric. The feature is that the texture is easy to come out and it is familiar. If you wear one piece, it is a perfect item for spring and autumn, and if you attach thick clothes or liner, it can be used until midwinter.

◎ Size
The size notation is missing and cannot be confirmed. From the actual size, it is probably about SMALL-SHORT size.
The wearer of the product image is 180cm / 80kg (wearing a thin cut -and -sew on the inner), just size. Please check the size chart for details of the size.

◎ Condition
Use the overall usability, Atari, dirt, etc. as a whole. Damage is seen on both cuffs. In addition, the buttons on the front are hard and difficult to fasten. There is no repair point.

■ This is a US military vintage product.There is an aging change due to many years of use and storage, and may have dirt and damage.After understanding these conditions as the characteristics of vintage, we ask for purchase.

■ Regarding the images of the listed items, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.
The Product in The Image is a Sample. Actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT.

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