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1990’s Levi’s 501 BLACK DENIM MADE IN USA - W38 L32

1990’s Levi’s 501 BLACK DENIM MADE IN USA - W38 L32

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BRAND: Levi's

SIZE: W38 / L32 (notation)

COLOR: Black



Button back engraving: 524

Levi's 501 American black denim manufactured in January 1997. This is a post-dyed type of fabric. The stamp on the top button is 524. It is in good condition with no repairs and the patches and inner tags are still intact.

Button fly on the front. The red tab is Levi's. The sides are side split.

This black denim belongs to a type of fabric dyeing called piece-dyed, but it is a model that allows you to enjoy discoloration due to sulfur dyeing.
Sulfur dyeing is currently prohibited in the United States due to environmental pollution and other issues, making it a rare item that is made in the United States and will never be reprinted.

Size notation is W38/L32. As this is a used product, the size description and actual size may differ. Please check the size chart for size details.

This is a used product. You can see the overall effect.
There is other minor damage, but no noticeable damage or stains.

■This is a vintage product. Due to long-term use and storage, some items may show scratches, dirt, or discoloration. Please be aware of these conditions as a characteristic of vintage clothing before purchasing.

■The images of posted products may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the viewing environment of the browser, computer, etc. you are viewing. Thank you for your understanding.
■About the product
The product in the image is a sample. Actual product and color, specifications, processing, size, material, etc. may be slightly different.

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