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[Levi's] 1980's Levi's 501 66 Made in U.S.A-44inch

[Levi's] 1980's Levi's 501 66 Made in U.S.A-44inch

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Brand:Levi's (Reevice)

SIZE: W44 / L32 (notation) ※ It differs from the actual size.

Color: indigo

Origin: Made In U.S.A

Condition: USED

Button back stamp: 6 (El Paso factory)

 Levi's (Levier) 501 66 late model.

Button back stamp 6,An endostristed single, red ear, inner tag contraction rate, June 1980 manufactured.
The back of the pocket is a model of the age of 66 of chain stitching.

The notation is 44 inches, but the actual size is about 41 inches due to the wash down. Recommended for people looking for large sizes. Please check the size chart because the size and actual size are different.

The condition is a good color fell of atmosphere and there is no repair or breakage. I think that it is quite a lot of color. There is also a patch.
There are overall color falls, dirt, detailed scratches, due to the good goods.

◎ 目 Visible dirt and scratches
· From the back right hip, fabric scratches (probably the scratch from the beginning)
· Back right hip surrounding dirt
· Body left part dirty
· Many other Atari and fine scratches and dirt

This is not acceptable to accept returns after purchasing, as you can not accept returned goods. Be sure to check the size confirmation and status before purchasing. We also look forward to your inquiry by email or phone.

66 Late model is said to be exposed to each year, and it is said that this is not going to go ahead, so it is recommended that you get it when you find a good size and condition.


■ This is a vintage product. There is a clever change by storage for many years, and there are scratches, dirt, and those who can see it. These conditions are asked to understand in advance as a vintage old handwise characteristic and purchase.

■ It may differ slightly from the real thing by the browser and personal computer browsing environment regarding the image of the published product. Please be aware in advance.
■ About the Product
The Product In The Image Is A Sample. Actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc. May Be slightly different.

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