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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[21AW Jet SET] JS Down Gillet Syn-Tweed

[21AW Jet SET] JS Down Gillet Syn-Tweed

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Brand: Rockymountainfeatherbed (Rocky Mountain Feather Bed)

Size: 38/40/42

Color: Brown

Origin: Made In Japan

Material: Syn-Tweed (Polyester 100%)

A series of new fabrics has appeared from Rocky Mountain Feather Bed. 【This fabric named syn-tweed is a high-tech material of 100% polyester while being a tweed fabric feeling. It is a very durable fabric with a sense of fabricity and it is characterized by easy-to-be-handed comfortable wearing.

This is a down zire using [SYN-TWEED]. In Rocky Mountain, this gile-type down vest is typically developed, but this year is only appearing in [SYN-TWEED] here.

It is a vertical quilting structure that can not be reproduced if the quality of the down is not high, and it is usually a vertical quilt type, the down will fall down in the fabric, but this down is 700 phil power high quality air. Since the swelling is large due to, the air enters the lower side of the quilts when the air enters, so it is a structure in which the down is low in the lower side of the quilt.

Also, because I have not put down on the back, it is a convenient specification that can be worn under the jacket. It is also possible to narrow the waist part by the back belt, so it is also recommended to wear downwear cleanly.

How to select the size is the same size as the Heritage series of Rocky Mountain, and at 38, Men's S, 40 Men's M, 42, Men's L size equivalent to Men's L size.

· About [SYN-TWEED]
This fabric is a synthetic fiber using polyester, takes the synt-case SYN and has been given this name.


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