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618 MarilyNII

618 MarilyNII

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Brand: Anatomica / Anatomica

Size: 23/24/25 / 26 /27 /28 /29

Color: indigo

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100%Cotton

Anatomica (Anatomica) Ladies' masterpiece, 618 Marilyn, 618 Marilyn II. Commonly known as Marilyn 2.

Anatomica is an American big actressRefer to the denim that Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest style icons in the 20th century, wore it at the time.A denim with a beautiful silhouette that can be worn by any body type has been completed.

◎ About details
The darts in the hips create a beautiful line unique to hips. Also, since it is tapered from the bottom of the buttocks to the hem, It is finished in a silhouette with a neat and sophisticated impression. By wearing it in the high waist, you can feel the beautiful silhouette.

◎ About materials
It uses an original denim fabric of 13 oz, giving a solid fabric.

◎ How to choose a size
Regarding how to choose the sizeThis special pagePlease refer to (describe how to select the size at the bottom of the page).
* The choice of size may change depending on your skeleton and body shape. For customers who have any questionsHereConsultationPlease me.


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