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[Alden] Michigan Boots

[Alden] Michigan Boots

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Brand: Alden (Alden)

Size: 7d / 8D / 8HD / 9D / 9HD / 10D

Color: Brown

Material: Utica Leather

Origin: Made in USA

American shoes top peak brand,Alden (Alden). Handling was also started in Art Kamakura.

The first one to be commemorated is Michigan Boots (Michigan Boots). One foot based on Moccasin's Ranger Mock is a new model for the first time in 40 years since the indie boots, with work boots and a luxurious specification.

The upper is used by Cordvan's familiar Horween (Hawin) [UTICA / Utica]. This Utica is a pleasant moisture and soft and familiar material for soft and large feet. In addition, since Utica handling is lost in Alden, it has become a difficult model.

The outsole uses double oiled leather. This is a waterlock leather double specification, and the water lock leather sole is a special liquid in the Alden factory and has strengthened flexibility and durability. It is a flexible sole that produces more soft flexibility by causing a plenty of oil. Double leather is a two-piece watermolic sole, and it is tough that it becomes durable because it gets high because it comes out with a sense of volume and thickness. Also, as its name, it is an excellent sole that can be worn on a rainy day.

The wood type is vanrust. It is famous as a wood type of the penny roller, and the toe is distinct and is distinctly vertically up to the sole and is characteristic of hand-skin stitch with a three-dimensional sense.

The touch is full of oil, and it is the best boots that can be worn without choosing a scene, with a soft material feeling of Utica's sticky soft material and a toughness in addition to the outstanding comfort.

Kamakura, the regular dealer of Alden (Aolden) in the Shonan area is not else, so please do not ask for a trial if you are looking for.

There are many original oils, so there is no problem if you are usually brushing etc. When drying, put cream and clean it.

It can be worn on the rainy day, but after wearing, wipe the water droplets of the surface carefully and put the shrew tree so that moisture does not come.

As it is a tough material that contains many oils, I think it would be nice if you would like to enjoy a lot of adult changes.

In the case of mail order, consultation of size is also available on telephone etc.



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