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Anatomica Pocket TEE


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Jōjō LENGTH 67 69 71 73
Bust CHEST 101.5 106.5 111 116
shoulder width SHOULDERS 45 47 49 51
Sodetake: SLEEVE LENGTH 21.5 22 22.5 23


COLOR: Natural

ORIGIN: Made in Japan

MATERIAL: 100%Cotton

A best-selling item called ANATOMICA (Anatomica), a best-selling item, and a pocket TEE are appearing.Heavy meat and other meat products are used in the United States, and are arranged in Japan in order to use a single piece of yarn.

The thread uses rice, but it is made in Japan, and the quality of it has become much higher compared to the US made in the past, and the size of the yarn is reduced to a smaller size.

It's a heavy pke-T, so it's hard to wear a piece of paper when wearing it several times, so it's hard to be able to wear it on a single sheet.To reduce the stress caused by seams, the Marudo Bodi will be able to be comfortable with the whole year, and will be able to leave the country for the full year.

I would like to think of size as the S-XL size of the menuds for Japanese people.If you wear the S size in a lediose shoulder, you will see a slight decline in your shoulders, and you will have a slender look around your shoulders.

This is an unwashed natto, so there may be some slight contraction in the first washing.

The color expansion also includes the standard white, black, nae, and gray, as well as the new colors of natural anturals.


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