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Pocket Tee-Gray

Pocket Tee-Gray

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Brand: Anatomica (Anatomica)

Size: S / M / L / XL

Color: Gray

Origin: Made in Japan

Material: 100%Cotton

ANATOMICA (Anatomica) Summer standard item, pocket T -shirt.

The original heavy ounce fabric using the 12th silk thread becomes a summer with a single piece. In addition, it is ideal for daily use because it has a toughness that is hard to lose its shape even after repeated washing.

Using a machine called a traditional hanging knitting machine, a round body body with no seams on the side.
The round body specification is more comfortable to wear than the seam on both sides, and is finished in a texture that contains a sense of air.

The thread is made of rice cotton imported from the United States and is set in a round body in Japan. It is an American -like pocket T -shirt, despite its high quality, tough, tough, toughness, and sewing in Japan.

Please consider the size of the size as S -XL size for Japanese people. If you wear S size with ladies, your shoulders will drop a little and you will show your shoulders slender.

Since it will be unwashed, some shrinkage may occur during the first washing. Please be careful when choosing a size.

The color development is a classic white, black, navy, gray, and natural, as well as new color lemon and turquoise.


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