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Antique Romanian Embroidery Linen Blouse

Antique Romanian Embroidery Linen Blouse

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ITEM: Romanian Embroidery Linen Blouse (Romanian embroidery linen blouse)

Color: White

Origin: Made in Romania

Material: Linen

Condition: USED

This is an antique Romanian blouse around the 1930s.
A gorgeous first place with a thick linen with a good atmosphere and beautiful hand embroidery. Embroidery of flower motifs is applied to the arm part. Around shoulders and cuffs are gorgeous with embroidery and woven lace.

The arm width with plenty of short length. It is also outstanding with Anatomica's Marilyn Denim, a brand that handles our store.

All of these items are produced manually, and the delicate gathers unique to hand around the collar, sleeves, and cuffs are also wonderful.

There is a slight color transfer near the armhole. In addition, there is fine dirt for antique products. There is no noticeable damage and you can still wear it.

Product image torso size: B 82cm / W 60cm / h 88cm
Please check the size chart for the size details.


■ This is an antique product.For many years, aging due to storage, some damage or dirt may occur.After understanding these conditions as the characteristics of vintage, we ask for purchase.

■ Regarding the image of the product, it may differ slightly from the real thing depending on the browsing environment of the browser and personal computer you are looking. Please understand in advance.
THE PRODUCT IN THE IMAGE IS A SAMPLE. Actual Product and Color, Specifications, Processing, Size, Material, etc.

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